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The Optimal Dose - Restore Your Health With the Power of Vitamin D3 - 2018

Optimal Dose - Judson Somerville MD and patient

The Optimal Dose: Restore Your Health With the Power of Vitamin D3 __
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  • 30,000 IU Vitamin D daily for all of his (adult) patients
    • The typical patient lost 10 lbs per month on 30,000 IU of vitamin D daily, without any hunger, exercise, or forcing themselves to reduce calories – effortless - Approximately 70% of patients lost a lot of weight (personal communications)
    • His book did not have room to mention the cofactors which he suggests, such as Magnesium Malate and Vitamin K2
  • "My dual experience as both a long-time (pain) physician and a long-time patient has given me a unique point of view"
  • Fewer overall visits to the doctor by his patients
  • "I decided to concentrate on my chronic lack of deep restorative sleep (DRS)"
  • "I even argue that lack of DRS (Deep Restorative Sleep) is the most widespread symptom of winter syndrome."
  • Restless Leg Syndrome greatly reduced with increased Vitamin D = VitaminDWiki has 15 studies
  • Optimal dosing of vitamin D3 helps to: eliminate sleep apnea, eliminate restless leg syndrome, restore deep restorative sleep, allow you to wake up rested and full of energy, prevent or eliminate snoring, resolve allergies, eliminate influenza, correct autism spectrum disorder, slow or eliminate dementia, slow or eliminate Alzheimer’s disease, prevent Lyme disease and other viral diseases, prevent cancer, extend the life of someone with cancer, fight off TB, restore your ideal body weight, which for many involves the loss of massive amounts of weight, change your appetite so you are easily satiated and not craving food, block unneeded and excess fat absorption (most), boost metabolism 20–30%, boost muscle strength 30–40%, increase fertility, boost energy 20–30%, slow aging, close wounds, fight off bacterial infections like MRSA, prevent diabetes, prevent multiple sclerosis, fight off any of the above-listed diseases, and boost the immune system.

Review by the founder of VitaminDWiki

  • First high-dose book by a doctor - who discovered Vitamin D after becoming a patient
  • He has prescribed 30,000 IU of Vitamin D to >2,000 patients
  • His well-written book includes success stories with sleep problems, weight problems (both loss and gain), pain, and flu
    • 3 capsules of 5,000 before breakfast and 3 capsules before dinner,
    • At lower cost, some patients used 50,000 before dinner every second day (25,000 IU daily average)
    • His office is on the US border with Texas. Some of the patients could not afford cofactors, of vitamin D tests, so they were not required.
  • His short book does not provide adequate room to give many details - such as dosing, cofactors, etc.(see personal communication and summary table

Bottom line: I am going to try doubling my dose from 12,500 IU daily in the winter to 25,000 IU (50,000 every second day)

Update: March 2021 - have been taking 100,000 IU every 4th day for 2+ years
There are many reasons to believe that infrequent dosing is Better than Daily

Somerville short updates which expand and update his book

As of Oct 2019
Vitamin D3 optimal dose and blood levels, the whole study
How our unhealthy food and the current medical myth is making us ill and dependent on the Western medical-industrial complex to survive. 7/7
A Quick Way to Stop Elbow Tendonitis
Vitamin D3, and an apparent genetic predisposition to vitamin K2. Either the MK-4 or the MK-7 type. 2/2
Vitamin D3, calcium hysteria and my experience with vitamin K2 the MK-4 type. 13/13
Vitamin D3, what we eat and boron. Could they reduce our risk of acquiring ALS by increasing our estrogen levels? 3/3
Vitamin D3 and Diabetes Type I and II. 7/7
Vitamin D3, Cancer, Sun Exposure, Sunscreen and Addiction. 10/10
Vitamin D3, deep restorative sleep(DRS) and Alzheimer’s as well as other similar diseases. 4/4
Vitamin D3, Inuit, and dietary sources of vitamin D3
Vitamin D3: calcium, magnesium and vitamin K2 the hormonal effects and Madison-HannaH (MH) effects the other pathway- a better explanation? 7/7
Vitamin D3 and Boron 2/2
As of Feb 2019
Is vitamin D3 health benefits a myth? 8 parts
Vitamin D3, aging and preventative health! 4 parts
Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12 less of a connection that I hoped but important information 4 parts
Vitamin D3 – What am I trying to do here-I digress
Vitamin D3 - depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
Vitamin D3-Influenza i.e. the Flu-Obesity
Vitamin D3 and Ralph
Environmental Allergies and vitamin D3
Athletic performance, body recovery and vitamin D3
Cancer on a diet and vitamin D3 2 parts
Alzheimer’s Disease and Vitamin D3 2 parts
Pseudo-Study for a pseudo-vitamin? - British Journal of Medicine article 3 parts
Serotonin-Vitamin D3-The Gut microbiota
Magnesium 2 parts
Other vitamins and minerals
Vitamin D3 and Sperm Count
Madison-HannaH effects
Vitamin D3 toxicity
Influenza and Vitamin D3
The Winter Syndrome
Vitamin D3: The Basics
Chirps (short audio blogging) as of Feb 2019

  1. Introduction to my book The Optimal Dose: Restore Your health With The Power of Vitamin D3 and it as well as my goal.
  2. Keto diets and why they fail without optimal blood levels of vitamin D3.
  3. Tired of being tired? Tired of being sick? My book may have your answer!
  4. The “flu” and optimal doses of vitamin D3.
  5. Vitamin D3 and Deep Restorative Sleep.
  6. Why current vitamin D3 research, by using extremely low doses, and not focusing on blood levels is sure to fail!
  7. Want more information on vitamin D3 and related subjects?
  8. A fellow Chirper and a vitamin D3 post that no one wants to listen to!
  9. Optimal blood levels, optimal dosing of vitamin D3 and improved athletic performance!
  10. Optimal vitamin D3, sex drive and ability to conceive!
  11. Vitamin D3, omega 3’s and depression/mental health issues and vitamin D3.
  12. Sleep deprived children, depression/mental health issues and vitamin D3.
  13. You need to have vitamin D3.
  14. What if every time you were hungry you could eat without worry? I can! So can you!
  15. Fear of food? Fear no more!
  16. Vitamin K2 the MK-7 type. Could it alleviate atherosclerosis? Those plaques are cholesterol and calcium.
  17. Autism. Suboptimal blood levels of vitamin D3, immature immune system and attenuated virus (alive but weakened) vaccine equals trouble.
  18. Inuit, skin color and diet. Some may have received optimal blood levels of vitamin D3 through diet allowing survival with minimal sunlight.

Table comparing 4 high-dose Vitamin D therapies

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Dr. Coimbra
books 2018 2016
Dr. Somerville
Optimal Dose
Dr. GominakMr. BatchellerDr. Bredsen
End of Alz.
Health problem Multiple Sclerosis
autoimmune, PD
sleep, flu, pain,
obesity, etc.
SleepCluster, Migraine
Park. being added
Number of people
by 2022
5,000 5,000 8,000
>1,000 ?
Vitamin D targetPTH is target
typ: 150ng of D
100-140+ ng 60-80 ngPTH is target
typ: 80 ng of D
40-60 ng
Vitamin D daily dose
(K = 1,000 IU)
20K - 200K
1,000 IU/kg
30K 2K + monthly
test increasing
dose until goal
4K - 40K
110 IU/kg
Omega-3 * O-3 O-3- - - O-3O-3
Magnesium *MgMg - - - Mg (400 mg) -
Vitamin K2 K2 (no longer?) K2 - - -K2 -
Vitamin B...B2, B9, B12 B3 B50-B100
3 months
Zinc *Zn - - - Zn -
Boron *? B - - - B -
Minimize rock-based Ca
Decrease Ca - - -Ca-
Vitamin A
avoid extremes
avoid A avoid A - - - A-
Co-Q 10
- - - Co-Q 10-
Loading dose
Days instead of months
- - - - - - - - - Loading
"Cluster Balm"

VitaminDWiki - Is 50 ng of vitamin D too high, just right, or not enough has the following

Vitamin D Treats
150 ng Multiple Sclerosis *
80 ng Cluster Headache *
Reduced office visits by 4X *
70 ngSleep *
60 ngBreast Cancer death reduced 60%
Preeclampsia RCT
50 ng COVID-19
Infections Review
Infection after surgery
40 ng Breast Cancer 65% lower risk
ACL recovery
30 ng Rickets

* Evolution of experiments with patients, often also need co-factors

VitaminDWiki pages with HIGH-DOSE in title (52 items as of Feb 2022)

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High dose vitamin D (20,000 IU per kg of feed) safe for pigs – Aug 2015 24 Dec, 2023
Coimbra high-dose vitamin D protocol - many studies 10 Nov, 2023
Multiple Sclerosis prevention with high-dose vitamin D (in rats in this case) - July 2023 19 Sep, 2023
Knee Osteoarthritis treated by vitamin D if use more than 2,000 IU daily or non-daily high dose – meta-analysis Aug 2023 21 Aug, 2023
Doctor got MS and was later cured by high-dose Vitamin D - Aug 2023 10 Aug, 2023
Cluster headaches virtually eliminated in 7,000 people with high-dose vitamin D and cofactors - Feb 2022 16 Jul, 2023
Rheumatoid Arthritis pain is reduced by Vitamin D, high doses also reduced inflammation (CRP) – Meta-analysis July 2023 13 Jul, 2023
COVID predicted to be a pandemic that could be stopped by high dose vitamin D - Feb 2020 25 Mar, 2023
Muscular Dystrophy probably treated by high-dose Vitamin D plus muscle rehab 23 Mar, 2023
Fracture 4X less likely following kidney transplant if high-dose Vitamin D (100,000 every 2 weeks) – RCT Jan 2023 25 Jan, 2023
High-Dose 18 Jan, 2023
Some pathogens and health problems restrict Vitamin D from being used – Coimbra high-dose protocol – April 2021 18 Jan, 2023
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50,000 IU and other high dose vitamin studies 15 Jan, 2023
Coimbra protocol using high-dose Vitamin D is safe – April 2022 22 Dec, 2022
High dose vitamin D fights Folate gene changes by COVID, autoimmune, CVD, ALZ – Oct 2022 06 Oct, 2022
Treat COVID with early high-dose Vitamin D (20th as of June 2022) 16 Jun, 2022
High-Dose Vitamin D puts surplus calories into muscles instead of fat (mice) – May 2022 20 May, 2022
Comparing High-dose vitamin D therapies 04 May, 2022
High-dose Vitamin D safe for children (10,000 IU daily, 600,000 IU bolus) – meta-analysis April 2022 15 Apr, 2022
Several rheumatic diseases treated by high-dose vitamin D, but made worse if Calcium was added – April 2022 28 Mar, 2022
Cluster Headaches treated by high-dose Vitamin D, etc. (interview and transcript) - Feb 2022 23 Feb, 2022
Beyond vitamin D - book of testimonials on high-dose Coimbra Protocol - Aug, 2021 16 Feb, 2022
High-Dose Vitamin D Therapy – book July 2018 11 Feb, 2022
High-dose Vitamin D is safe and effective – review of 10 studies – Sept 2021 08 Feb, 2022
HIV treatment augmented by high-dose vitamin D, daily or weekly – Dec 2021 30 Jan, 2022
High-dose Omega-3 fought COVID in 2 hospital trials (6x reduction in ICU, reduced time) – Masterjohn Oct 2021 14 Oct, 2021
Multiple Sclerosis treated by Vitamin D, recommends investigating high dose Coimbra - Oct 2021 07 Oct, 2021
Those getting high dose vitamin D were 7 X less likely to die of COVID-19 - Dec 11, 2020 30 Sep, 2021
Vitamin D3 better than D2, especially if non-daily or high dose - meta-analysis Sept 2021 23 Sep, 2021
High-dose vitamin D improves health (presentation) - Aug 30, 2021 30 Aug, 2021
High dose vitamin D for Autoimmune diseases - Portuguese - 2019 01 Jul, 2021
High Dose Vitamin D for autoimmune diseases -blog June 13, 2021 20 Jun, 2021
Kidney patients who happened to be getting high-dose Calcitriol were 9X less likely to die of COVID-19 - April 6, 2021 13 Apr, 2021
Autoimmune and high-dose vitamin D (Dr. Coimbra) - Dr. Mahtani video and transcript - Nov 2020 11 Apr, 2021
Vitamin D Resistance hypothesis confirmed by Coimbra high-dose vitamin D protocol – April 2021 11 Apr, 2021
Crohn’s Disease reduced for a year by 7 weeks of high dose Vitamin D – RCT March 2021 26 Mar, 2021
COVID-19 and high-dose Vitamin D - Video interview of Dr. Coimbra - May 2020 09 Aug, 2020
High doses vitamin D may prevent or treat COVID-19 - June 2020 31 Jul, 2020
Many doctors believe that high dose vitamin D can fight COVID-19 – BMJ April 2020 14 Apr, 2020
Lowering Calcium Risk when having High Dose Vitamin D3 – Cawley Dec 2019 18 Dec, 2019
The use of high dose Vitamin D (Coimbra Protocol) for multiple sclerosis in Germany – 2019 26 Nov, 2019
Cystic Fibrosis is safely treated by high-dose Vitamin D – Sept 2019 26 Nov, 2019
Rheumatoid Arthritis sometimes helped by very high dose vitamin D2 – 1935 29 Oct, 2019
High-dose Vitamin D for Multiple Sclerosis is OK while pregnant – Sept 2019 10 Sep, 2019
Cardiovascular Prevention with Omega-3 (finally using high doses) – Sept 2019 09 Sep, 2019
Treat autoimmune diseases with high-dose vitamin D – Germany online Aug 24, 25 2019 17 Aug, 2019
Successful high dose vitamin D (Coimbra Protocol) should be evaluated – June 2019 09 Jun, 2019
Hypertension gene expression reduced by high-dose vitamin D (hypertensive rats) – March 2019 27 Mar, 2019
High-dose vitamin D forum – for Multiple Sclerosis and many other diseases – Jan 2019 05 Jan, 2019
Vitamin D nanoemulsion corrected deficiency and improved bones in 1 week (high dose in rats) – Jan 2019 05 Jan, 2019
Multiple Sclerosis - Coimbra Protocol (high-dose Vitamin D) - by one of the 120 doctors of 20,000 patients - Dec 2018 08 Dec, 2018
Problem with vitamin C if high dose Vitamin D for MS and have gene problem – Sept 2018 10 Oct, 2018
Replies to doctor’s comments about high dose Vitamin D for Multiple Sclerosis– Nov 2016 27 Jun, 2018
Guide for patients on high doses of Vitamin D – Coimbra 2017 21 Jun, 2018
Multiple Sclerosis treated when use high doses of vitamin D – meta-analysis May 2018 16 May, 2018
Liver cancer nicely treated by high dose vitamin D for 16 weeks (early stage, in rats) – April 2018 23 Apr, 2018
Gene activation by high dose vitamin D - both quick and long term - April 2015 27 Jun, 2017
ICU cost reduced by at least 27,000 dollars if get high dose vitamin D in first week - April 2017 02 May, 2017
High dose vitamin D to treat Multiple Sclerosis etc. – protocol April 2017 27 Apr, 2017
High dose Omega-3 probably reduces heart problems – American Heart Association – March 2017 18 Mar, 2017
Video by Dr. Coimbra – 95 percent of auto-immune cured with vitamin D in high doses - April 2014 15 Jan, 2017
Caution When Prescribing High Dose Vitamin D (100,000 IU D2 daily for is too much after 4 years) – Nov 2016 26 Nov, 2016
Hospital ICU added high dose vitamin D - malpractice lawsuit costs dropped from 26 million dollars to ZERO - Oct 2016 20 Nov, 2016
70 percent of people with IBS had symptoms relieved with high dose vitamin D – 2012 04 Nov, 2016
Pediatric trials of high dose vitamin D -163 are in a single online database – Feb 2016 07 Aug, 2016
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High dose vitamin reduced pain of fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis - July 2015 11 Jul, 2015
Brazillian petition to permit high vitamin D doses for autoimune diseases – Aug 2014 08 Feb, 2015
Update on Treating Multiple Sclerosis with high dose vitamin D - Sept 2013 08 Feb, 2015
Video by Dr. Coimbra – auto-immune cures with high-dose vitamin D in Brazil - April 2014 19 Apr, 2014
Response to high dose vitamin D is limited by vitamin A - July 2013 13 Apr, 2014
Liverpool is starting universal supplementation and needs high dose vitamin D – March 2014 26 Feb, 2014
4 clinical trials not find change in disease risk markers with high dose vitamin D – March 2013 13 Apr, 2013
Is High Dose Vitamin D Harmful – Dec 2012 20 Dec, 2012

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Importance to Health VDW10426  

Hour-long video interview of a Rheumatoid Arthritis patient with the author - March 2021

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