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Non-daily (Bolus) is virtually always better: -Reasons include:

  1. Better compliance
    • Fewer opportunities to forget
    • Fewer times to have to take a pill - for those who dislike it
  2. High concentration resulting from infrequent dosing gets past some gene and gut limitations
    • Note: 24+ studies have found non-daily to be better than daily
      I am unaware of a single study that has found daily to be better than non-daily - Founder of VitaminDWiki Dec 2019
      A few studies have found that daily was just as good as weekly

Take vitamin D3 daily, weekly, or bi-weekly - many studies

Better than Daily studies

Examples of non-daily vitamin D studies (does not include loadng dose)

One pill every two weeks gives you all the vitamin D most adults need
50,000 IU of vitamin D every two weeks – Jordan conclusion - RCT July 2017
22 diseases proven to be prevented/treated by biweekly Vitamin D
10 additional diseases with weekly Vitamin D

Intervention - non daily AND Diabetes

Intervention - non daily AND Pain

Some people believe that daily Vitamin D dosing is needed while breastfeeding or supplementing infants
  However, it turns out that infants, like all humans and animals, can store Vitamin D, which is necessary to exist in rainy seasons, etc.

Daily lasting 14 weeks was beter than weekly lasting only 8 weeks - June 2020

Daily oral vitamin D3 regimen in similar cumulative doses is more effective than weekly oral vitamin D3 regimen in patients with vitamin D deficiency
Note: Weekly lasted only 8 weeks, daily lasted for 14 weeks
 Download the PDF from VitaminDWiki

Daily better than weekly - but used 70,000 total per week vs. 50,000 once a week - 2021

Vitamin D supplementation: better daily or by bolus?
 Download the PDF from VitaminDWiki

Loading Dose in VitaminDWiki

  • Overview Loading of vitamin D - which is sometimes just a single dose
  • Loading dose for Vitamin D category listing has 191 items along with related searches
    • Loading doses typically restore Vitamin D levels in 1 to 30 days
      • Loading doses should be followed by maintenance doses - which can be daily or bolus


All studies associated with Non-daily intervention

Diabetes 22;  Better than daily 18;  Pregnancy 17;  Loading dose 16;  Pain - chronic 13;  Breathing 12;  How much Vitamin D 11;  Obesity 10;  Infant-Child 10;  Injection 9;  Gut 8;  Depression 8;  Cardiovascular 7;  Falls and Fractures 7;  Women 7;  Multiple Sclerosis 6;  Virus 6;  Sports 6;  Trauma and surgery 6;  Youth 5;  Seniors 5;  Hypertension 5;  HIV 5;  Sleep 4;  Liver 4;  Skin - Dark 4;  Kidney 4;  Immunity 4;  Cognitive 4;  How;  when to take Vit. D 4 as of Oct 2022

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