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Health can be greatly improved by weekly 50,000 IU of Vitamin D - video and charts - March 2023

YouTube  Presented in Iceland March 4, 2023
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(1) Does Less Sun Mean More Disease? - 5-minute video

Image Image Image

English  with Icelandic captions



(2) Reykjavík has the longest Vitamin D winter of the world's capitals




(3) The single best supplement/nutrient to improve your health is Vitamin D

Vitamin D proved to prevent/fight 48 health problems (50K weekly)


Vitamin D observed to prevent/fight another 50 health problems

Vitamin D is the largest seller of all individual supplements

Vitamin D has more publications/data than any other supplement


Vitamin D improves the immune system


(4) 3 forms of Vitamin D in the blood: the final form is a Hormone

http://vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=5644 Image

(5) Some hospitals are noticing: Higher cost if low Vitamin D

$10,000 higher annual VA hospital cost if have low Vitamin D
VA found less testing for vitamin D resulted in increased health costs – Jan 2012
click on chart for details

(6) Fewer Health Problems if more vitamin D Pregnancy

Details at: Overview Pregnancy and vitamin D

(7) Wide range of response to Vitamin D: 50K Vitamin D weekly

Image Translates to Before, After, Weekly

Even more Vitamin D needed if obese, etc
There are 4 ways to increase Low responses and Decrease High responses



(8) 26 Health problems fought by bi-weekly 50K Vitamin D

Diabetes    Heart Failure    Chronic Pain    Depression    Autism    Breast Cancer    Colon Cancer    Prostate Cancer    BPH (prostate)    Preeclampsia    Premature Birth    Falls    Cognitive Decline    Respiratory Tract Infection    Influenza    Tuberculosis    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease    Lupus    Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome    Urinary Tract Infection    Poor Sleep    Growing Pain    Multiple Sclerosis    PMS    Schizophrenia    Endometriosis    Smoking

Details at https://is.gd/VitD2weeks



(9) 48 Health problems fought by weekly 50K Vitamin D

ADHD    Anxiety    Asthma    Autism    BPH (prostate)    Cancer - Breast    Cancer - Colon    Cancer - Prostate    Cardiovascular    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease    Cognitive Decline    Colds     Depression    Diabetes    Endometriosis    Falls    Fibromyalgia    Hashimoto's Thyroiditis    Hay Fever    Heart Failure    Hives     Hypertension – Pulmonary    Immune System    Infant    Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome    Influenza    Kidney Disease    Lupus    Migraine    Multiple Sclerosis    Obesity    Osteoarthritis – Knee Pain    Pain - Chronic    Pain - Growing    PMS    Preeclampsia    Premature Birth    Respiratory Tract Infection    Schizophrenia    Sleep - Poor    Sleep Apnea    Smoking    Sports Performance    Stroke    Surgery    Tuberculosis    Ulcerative Colitis    Ulcers – Venous    Urinary Tract Infection

Details at https://is.gd/VitD2weeks

(10) Health Problems fought by 50K Vitamin D: biweekly, weekly


None        Monthly            Bi-weekly                             Weekly

Details at https://is.gd/VitD2weeks

(11) Health Problems fought quickly (months) or slowly (years)

Examples of Quick Response
    Pregnancy, Respiratory (Influenza, Colds, COVID)

Examples of Slow Response (long time to grow)

Vitamin D is not a miracle drug that acts instantly



(12) Only 4 pills per month for normal-weight adult

Put pills in at the beginning of the month
Take allotted pills each week
Take all remaining pills, even those forgotten, before end of the month



(13) Almost 2 months to respond to 50K weekly unless start with loading dose

Details at https://is.gd/50Kweekly



(14) Obese need 2.5 times as much Vitamin D


Details at https://is.gd/vdwobese



(15) Vitamin D dose varies with weight and obesity

Adult Normal weight50K per week
Obese100K per week
YouthNormal weight50K every other week
Obese50K: 5 per month
Child Normal weight10K weekly
Obese50K every other week
Infant Normal weight10K every other week
Obese10K 5 per month

The simple rule: 100 IU of Vitamin D per kilogram does not include obesity
Was OK thru here

(16) Cofactors that augment Vitamin D and/or prevent side effects

Magnesium, Vitamin K2, Omega-3, etc.

See Vitamin D Cofactors in a nutshell for more details



(17) Vitamin D helps you lose weight when you stress your body

After your vitamin D level has plateaued
You will experience fat/weight loss if you stress your body by:
1) Exercise
2) Calorie restrictive diet
3) Intermitant fasting
4) Water-only fasting

See Obese lost more weight on diet if added 50,000 IU of vitamin D weekly – many RCTs
  The Vitamin That Quadruples Weight Loss - Oct 2019

(18) Why Vitamin D weekly is better than daily

More compliance (6X fewer opportunities to forget)

Weekly high concentration gets D into cells much faster
   True for most chemistries
   High gradients overcome Vitamin D Receptor limitations

44 percent of successful RCTs in VitaminDWiki had used non-daily dosing


Note Humans and animals have evolved to go for days with many nutrients

Details at Better than Daily



(19) Doctors often reluctant to prescribe Vitamin D because:

  • Can have side affects If not adjust cofactors with high dose
  • Would require ignoring the position of the medical profession on supplements.
  • Risk being sued if exceed standard of care
  • Experts do not agree on how much is needed
  • Doctors are rarely been trained in nutrition
  • Medical training has an emphasis on treatment, not prevention
  • Doctors have tried prescribing small vitamin D doses recommended by govts., but with minimal success
  • Doctors often can only prescribe D2 anyway - become used to its not working
  • Doctors have too little time to read outside of their specialty
  • No profit for Big Pharma, nor hospitals, so doctors not rewarded
  • The Vitamin D dose needed often varies by 4X between individuals for many health problems
  • Doctors are told to not prescribe more than 4,000 IU – so miss out on many of the benefits
  • Doctors are used to monotherapy, single pill, of a single size for everyone

Details at Why are doctors reluctant to accept vitamin D

See also Iceland and Vitamin D - many studies

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