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High vitamin D is associated with high Calcium and no Boron (in hair) – June 2017


  • “This hair analysis graph is of someone who has a history of taking vitamin D3 supplements. For me, it’s pretty obvious without even knowing this due to the high calcium, low potassium, and low boron on their hair analysis report. And this pattern isn’t an isolated incident; it’s a pattern that I see in 75-80% of my hair analysis clients!”
  • Many of her clients take between 1,000 IU to 10,000 IU/day
  • It is interesting that Magnesium and Zinc are so high - would have guessed that they would be low


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Analytical Research Labs - a major hair analysis service

  • "Recommending minerals that are low on a hair analysis and not those that are high is referred to as replacement therapy. It is based on two false principles. The first is that a hair mineral level only represents the level of that mineral in the body. This is untrue. The hair level may also represent a loss of the mineral into the hair. In other cases, a mineral may not show up in the hair, but may be sequestered elsewhere in the body."
  • "The second principle is that supplementing a mineral that is low will raise the level of that mineral. This premise is also false. Often a mineral level is low in order to preserve another mineral level or ratio. At other times, another factor keeps a mineral level low or high, regardless of dietary or supplementary intake. Just supplementing the low mineral will not raise the level of that mineral. This has been proven over and over again."
  • "Why Supplement Calcium When the Hair Level is High? A high calcium level on a hair analysis often represents a loss of calcium into the soft tissues. One reason for the loss of calcium into the tissues is that under certain circumstances calcium cannot be maintained in an ionized form in the blood. Therefore it begins to precipitate into the soft tissues."

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