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Vitamin D Cofactors in a nutshell
Bulk supplementation of Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc, B-12, K2, Boron etc. - lower cost and easier than pills

Ways to improve health

Importance to Health VDW10426
includes the importance of Vitamin D receptor activation - not mentioned in Grassroots Health

Magnesium has detailed listings for each of the following

  • 14 articles are in both Magnesium and Bone categories
  • 13 articles are in both Magnesium and Cardiovascular categories
  • 8 articles are in both Magnesium and Obesity categories
  • 18 articles are in both Magnesium and Diabetes categories

Omega-3 has detailed listings for each of the following

  • 24 articles are in both Omega-3 and Depression categories
  • 44 articles are in both Omega-3 and Cognitive categories
  • 30 articles are in both Omega-3 and Pregnancy categories
  • 12 articles are in both Omega-3 and Obesity categories
  • 29 articles are in both Omega-3 and Cardiovascular categories
  • 18 articles are in both Omega-3 and Inflamation categories

Vitamin K has detailed listings for each of the following

  • 24 articles are in both Vitamin K and Bone categories
  • 23 articles are in both Vitamin K and Cardiovascular categories
  • 13 articles are in both Vitamin K and Calcium categories
  • 7 articles are in both Vitamin K and Falls categories

Vitamin D Receptor category has the following

369 studies in Vitamin D Receptor category

Vitamin D tests cannot detect Vitamin D Receptor (VDR) problems
A poor VDR restricts Vitamin D from getting in the cells
It appears that 30% of the population has a poor VDR (40% of the Obese )

A poor VDR increases the risk of 55 health problems  click here for details
The risk of 44 diseases at least double with poor Vitamin D Receptor as of Oct 2019

VDR at-home test $29 - results not easily understood in 2016
There are hints that you may have inherited a poor VDR

Compensate for poor VDR by increasing one or more:

1) Vitamin D supplement
  Sun, Ultraviolet -B
Vitamin D in the blood
and thus in the cells
2) MagnesiumVitamin D in the blood
 AND in the cells
3) Omega-3 Vitamin D in the cells
4) Resveratrol Vitamin D Receptor
5) Intense exercise Vitamin D Receptor
6) Get prescription for VDR activator
   paricalcitol, maxacalcitol?
Vitamin D Receptor
7) Quercetin (flavonoid) Vitamin D Receptor
8) Zinc is in the VDRVitamin D Receptor
9) BoronVitamin D Receptor ?,
10) Essential oils e.g. ginger, curcuminVitamin D Receptor
11) ProgesteroneVitamin D Receptor
12) Infrequent high concentration Vitamin D
Increases the concentration gradient
Vitamin D in the cells
13) Sulfroaphone and perhaps sulfurVitamin D Receptor

Note: If you are not feeling enough benefit from Vitamin D, you might try increasing VDR activation. You might feel the benefit within days of adding one or more of the above

Far healthier and stronger at age 72 due to supplements Includes 6 supplements which help the VDR

If poor Vitamin D Receptor

Health Problem
50Lyme Disease
28Leprosy - another says 3X
15Chronic Heart Failure
15Temporary hair loss
14Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease
11Metabolic Syndrome
9.6Chronic Periodontitis
   and smoke
8Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
7.6Crohn's disease
7.5Respiratory Tract Infections
5.8Low back pain in athletes
5 Respiratory Distress in preemies
5Ulcerative Colitis
5Coronary Artery Disease
5Asthma Child see also 1.3, 2.0 and 3.6
4.6Breast Cancer 16.9 X another study
4Polycystic ovary syndrome
3.6 Pneumonia - children
3.3 Pre-term birth
3.1 Colon Cancer survival
3 Multiple Sclerosis
3 Waist size
3 Ischemic Stroke
3Gestational Diabetes
2.9Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease
2.8Osteoporosis & COPD
2.7Gastric Cancer
2.6Lupus in children
2.5 Lumbar Disc Degeneration
2.4Lung Cancer
2.2Juvenile idiopathic arthritis
2.1Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis in Asians
2Diabetic Retinopathy
2 Wheezing/Asthma see also 5X
2 Melanoma   Non-melanoma Skin Cancers
1.9Uterine Fibroids
1.9Early tooth decay
1.8Diabetic nephropathy
1.8Sleep Apnea
1.6Diabetes - Type I
1.6Prostate Cancer while black
1.5 Diabetes -Type II
1.4Graves Disease
1.4 Rheumatoid arthritis
1.3Childhood asthma see also 5X
1.3Psoriasis in Caucasians
?? Rickets - Vitamin D resistant

Note: Supplements (and # of studies) are linked at the bottom of this page

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