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Intervention - Vitamin D

Intervention = Give Vitamin D (or Mg, Omega-3, etc) to a portion of study participants and see what happens

  • Intervene with the group: one dose size, but sometimes intervene while varying the dose size
    • perhaps such that each individual exceeds the desired blood level (say 40 ng)
  • Group size: 50 to 500 people, but can be ~ 100,000 individuals ( Turkey- Rickets )
  • Vitamin D3, but sometimes an activated form ( Calcidiol, or Calcitriol)
  • Disease treatment, but sometimes disease prevention
  • Just Vitamin D (monotherapy), even though cofactors are very important, especially if > 4,000 IU

Note - some interventions use loading doses to restore levels quickly (days or weeks instead of months)
Which also includes small single dose of vitamin D - say 100,000 IU
Not listed - Trials which clearly used too little vitamin D or too short of period
The many reasons why Vitamin D trials fail – Oct 2020
US Clinical Trials with Vit D Intervention new since Jan 2018 453 as of Oct 2020

734 Intervention studies

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Some Intervention Trials which used Vitamin D a count of some of the trials- by health problem

Intervention - 2-30 days 231 items
Loading dose for Vitamin D 188 items
Proof that Vitamin D Works
Supplementing Vitamin D
Items in category Meta-analysis 565 items

Intervention - Vitamin D by date instead of by health problem

Studies in VitaminDWiki

Year Randomized
Interventions Meta-
2017- 4852
2016- 5140

Note: Govt recommendations in 2015 often ignored data after 2011

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6245 50,000 IU of Vitamin D every 2 weeks reduced gestational diabetes – RCT Feb 2015 326252
14 Jul, 2022 16:38
admin Pregnancy
Intervention - non daily
1855 Sepsis is both prevented and treated by Vitamin D 230718
20 Jun, 2022 15:40
admin Trauma and surgery
Cost savings with Vitamin D
1409 ALS treated by vitamin D 206808
01 Jul, 2021 15:45
Editor Intervention
5724 Restless Legs Syndrome dramatically reduced by vitamin D, etc 167209
24 Mar, 2022 13:04
admin Vitamin D and Magnesium
Vitamin D and Iron
1336 Proof that Vitamin D Works 161467
15 Jul, 2022 14:24
admin Overviews
Intervention - non daily
4597 Cluster headaches virtually eliminated in 7,000 people with high-dose vitamin D and cofactors - Feb 2022 157626
25 Feb, 2022 15:05
admin Vitamin D and Magnesium
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Vitamin D and Omega-3
5053 Chronic Hives treated by Vitamin D - many studies 157183
05 May, 2021 14:54
admin Autoimmune
Top news
Quality of Life
5526 Gestational Diabetes reduced with 50,000 IU of vitamin D every 3 weeks and daily Calcium – RCT June 2014 151148
16 Apr, 2019 15:09
admin Pregnancy
Top news
Intervention - non daily
2729 Raynaud's pain decreased with 600,000 IU monthly vitamin D – RCT May 2012 145508
29 Apr, 2022 12:31
admin Pain - chronic
Intervention - non daily
3494 Respiratory infections reduced by 63 percent with 4000 IU vitamin D daily - RCT Dec 2012 145038
24 Sep, 2021 19:44
admin Breathing
3188 How often might 50,000 IU vitamin D be taken - results of clinical trials 140948
13 Dec, 2021 16:38
admin How much Vitamin D
Top news
691 Overview MS and vitamin D 136298
03 Feb, 2022 13:34
admin Multiple Sclerosis
339 Overview Diabetes and vitamin D 86822
21 Jul, 2022 01:47
admin Diabetes
5279 Video by Dr. Coimbra – 95 percent of auto-immune cured with vitamin D in high doses - April 2014 85942
09 Jul, 2019 15:16
admin Multiple Sclerosis
Books, videos on Vitamin D
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4762 35,000 IU vitamin D daily for 6 months helped ALL psoriasis suffers (106 ng) – Brazil March 2013 69366
14 Jul, 2022 20:35
admin Psoriasis
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813 Overview Kidney and vitamin D 58641
01 Jan, 2022 20:40
admin Kidney
3857 Autoimmune disorder patients in Brazil helped by vitamin D – video and Facebook – Nov 2012 56651
27 Jul, 2016 10:27
admin Multiple Sclerosis
Top news
4724 Overview COPD and Vitamin D 51346
09 Feb, 2022 21:49
admin Breathing
Intervention - non daily
3460 Vertigo treated by Vitamin D - many studies 47863
12 Jul, 2022 11:25
admin Seniors
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Falls and Fractures
1421 Overview Tuberculosis and Vitamin D 47612
22 Mar, 2022 23:49
Editor Tuberculosis

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Intervention AND Skin

Intervention AND Skin - Dark

Intervention AND Sleep

Intervention AND Sports

Intervention AND Stroke

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Intervention AND Thyroid/Parathyroid

Intervention AND Trauma/surgery

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Intervention AND Youth (see also Infant-Child)

Intervention AND Women (see also Pregnancy)

Intervention AND Loading Dose

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