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Common deficiencies D3, Omega-3, K2, Mg, B12, E, A, Iodine, etc – Mercola Oct 2015

11 Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies Mercola

Article provides nice overview of each nutrient

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#1: Vitamin D 50% have < 20 ng,   90% have < 40ng
#2: Omega-3 Fats
#3: Vitamin K2
#4: Magnesium 80% are deficient
#5: Vitamin B12 25% of adults are deficient,
is stored in body for 60 months
#6: Vitamin E
#7: Vitamin A
#8: Iodine 40% are deficient
#9: Calcium too much Ca can be a problem
#10: Iron 25% of global population,
too much Iron can be a problem
#11: Choline 90% are deficient

I continue to believe that if you only take a single supplement, it should be Vitamin D.
I would interchange Magnesium with Omega-3 in order of importance
    Henry Lahore, admin of VitaminDWiki

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