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Vitamin D and Omega-3

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Omega-3 helps with

377 Omega-3 items in category Omega-3 helps with: Autism (9 studies), Depression (29 studies), Cardiovascular (32 studies), Cognition (48 studies), Pregnancy (39 studies), Infant (26 studies), Obesity (13 studies), Mortality (5 studies), Breast Cancer (6 studies), Smoking, Sleep, Stroke, Longevity, Trauma (12 studies), Inflammation (18 studies), Multiple Sclerosis (9 studies), VIRUS (12 studies), etc
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Omega-3 and Depression (items in both categories

VitaminDWiki - 48 studies in both categories Omega-3 and Cognition

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Omega-3 and Pregnancy (items in both categories)

Omega-3 and Infant/Child (items in both categories)

Omega-3 and Cardiovascular (items in both categories)

See also: Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and cardiovascular health: a molecular view into structure and function
July 2017 - Does not discuss HOW MUCH Omega-3 helps, just how it helps
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Omega-3 and Obesity (items in both categories)

Omega-3 and Inflammation (items in both categories)

Omega-3 and Trauma/Surgery (items in both categories)

Omega-3 Meta-analyses

Omega-3 Intervention

Omega-3 and Virus (items in both categories)

377 Omega-3 items in order of posted date

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Vitamin D and Omega-3        
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