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Vitamin D Toxicity with no long term problems starts at 300 ng (infant with 222 ng had no symptoms) – March 2022

An Infant with Asymptomatic Vitamin D Intoxication: A Prolonged and Sustainable Recovery

Case Rep Endocrinol. 2022 Feb 27;2022:7072815. doi: 10.1155/2022/7072815
Ibrahim Al Alwan 1 2 3, Nouf Al Issa 2, Yousef Al Anazi 2 4, Khalid Al Noaim 2 5, M Zulf Mughal 6 7, Amir Babiker 1 2 3


Toxicity of vitamin D 300 ng, selected 100 ng to be prudent – Aug 2008
Overview Toxicity of vitamin D
A vitamin D level of 746 ng due to medication error was not toxic – April 2015
Note: The founder of VitaminDWiki has been aorund 200 ng for several years as of March 2022
Note: It appears that many people need to adjust their cofactors if Vitamin D levels are > 40 ng/L

Vitamin D intoxication (VDI) usually develops due to inappropriate use of vitamin D in high doses by the families of infants with complaints suggestive of vitamin D deficiency such as delayed teething, knock knees, or delayed walking. We present here an experience of treating an infant with asymptomatic VDI that had a prolonged course of recovery and a sustainable level of vitamin D over a follow-up period of 2.5 years. In our patient, vitamin D started to drop steadily after a month of stopping vitamin D supplements but not to a normal level. It reached an acceptable level only after six months. This case emphasizes the importance of educating parents about the empirical use of vitamin D over the counter, assessing the baseline level of serum vitamin D level prior to initiation of treatment and highlights the value of verifying additional dietary sources of vitamin D or oral supplements in patient's history.
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