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Great Vitamin D webinar for doctors - Plotnikoff Nov 2013

Update - new webinar Vitamin D Webinar - Plotnikoff - Feb 29 2016

The Shocking Truth About Vitamin D Status

Some notes of excellent 90 minute Vitamin D webinar for doctors with CME credit
Webinar by Dr. Greg Plotnikoff, Vitamin D Webinars by DiaSorin 2013-2014

  • Vitamin D is a Nature Deficient Disorder
  • Safe sunning, no burning
  • Rickets making a comeback – Plotnikoff asked viewer to guess which year
  • IoM in 2010 lowered 30ng ==> 20 ng, but tripled recommend amount for elderly
  • Cutting edge research in Vitamin D Binding Protein
  • At least 1,000 KEY genes controlled by Vitamin D
  • 5 current controversies
  1. Who has the normal level of vitamin D: office workers, lifeguards, farmers
  2. What is sufficiency. So far they just use the index diseases: generally short incidence (ignore lot latency diseases)
  3. JAMA: 1940 2 paragraphs in a paper noticed that there was 400 IU of vitamin D in cod liver oil
    That became the standard for the next 70 years
  4. 15 minutes in the sun – latitude issues, clouds, haze (Hong Kong down 20%)
  5. Skin Color
  • His study: >40 ng would have save $2.5 million by increase presentment in just one workplace
    The study included Health professionals, insured, etc yet still very low levels of vitamin D
  • BMI is increasing – which lowers vitamin D levels
  • Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, but body clears it – homeostatic protection mechanisms
    60 ng should be not harmful – we have had 10,000 generations out in the sun
  • Calcium absorption increases by 65% when vitamin D level raised 20 ng==> 30 ng
  • WHO has stated that only need 500 mg Calcium for vitamin D replete women
  • Denominator dispute with IoM about how many cadavers need 20 ng vs 30 ng of vitamin D
    Even the author of cadaver paper disagreed with IoM, felt than 30 ng was needed
  • $40 million diabetes trial – Plotnikoff thinks it will be a good trial
  • Tanning booth were originally Vitamin D booths (statement by VitaminDWiki, not Plotnikoff)
  • Why not be sure your are sufficient if you are having any medical emergency/concern
  • Chronic non-specific pain reduced with vitamin D– his publication – the biggest in MAYO ever?
  • Hypothesis: Statin blocks cholesterol needed to make Vitamin D
  • He has authored a book: Trust your gut
    Trust Your Gut: Get Lasting Healing from IBS and Other Chronic Digestive Problems Without Drugs
    April 2013, very little about Vitamin D
  • No one dose fits all: 600 a day vs 6,000 a day
  • Need a test. By example, cannot tell Cholesterol or other levels by just looking at at a patient
  • RA also varies with latitude
  • Not get vitamin D from food: Are you going to eat 60 eggs a day – I don’t think so
  • Good dose of vitamin D for entire pregnancy would cost less than $5
  • Vitamin D2 had been used to escape from concerns about D3 toxicity (is this true?)
  • His own FAMILY requires more vitamin D: ethnicity and genes
  • 1/3 of herbal medicines from East Asian used to have sun-exposed mushrooms
    Herbal medicines used to have has lot of vitamin D
    however now the herbal medicines are prepared in ovens
  • Upstream levels of vitamin D can be normal – but local regulation is unknown clinically
    So just testing will not ensure that all cells get access to vitamin D
  • Mental Health and vitamin D – looks promising
  • Perhaps Vitamin D also important in Gluten-free – similar to gut problems
  • Vitamin D level of farmers and lifeguards is much higher than IoM level


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