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Handbook of Vitamin D in Human Health – June 2013

Handbook of vitamin D in human health: Prevention, treatment and toxicity

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Editor Ronald Ross Watson

Research and clinical application of vitamin D has increased dramatically over the past decade stimulated by novel health promotion discoveries and documentation. This book brings together key researchers with their views focusing on the health promotion role of vitamin D. Such information is vital to clinicians, users of vitamin D supplements of all ages and those interested in public policy. The authors document and define many of the key health related roles of vitamin D. Its traditional application in bone and muscle health as well as therapy of arthritis is expanded and clarified with new research. A better understanding of the effects of vitamin D inadequacy is modelled using problems ranging from infant growth retardation to chronic kidney and periodontal disease. Uniquely the vitamin?s role in resistance and treatment of infectious diseases is shown in examples ranging from HIV/AIDS to tuberculosis. Mechanistic understanding of vitamin D's actions is enhanced by looking into its effects on immune modulation and inflammation. Expansion of the role of sunlight in stimulating vitamin D production is discussed relative to the reduction in a variety of cancers. Clearly vitamin D is like a two edged sword with great benefits but also some risks. This book provides carefully defined examples of both situations.

Table of contents

Overview of key vitamin D modified conditions

1. Vitamin D deficiency in the 21st century: an overview 13, S.S. Oberhelman and T.D. Thacher
2. Vitamin D in health of seniors 39, F. Lauretani, M. Maggio, C. Ruggiero, G.P. Ceda and L. Ferrucci
3. Vitamin D supplementation and public health policy 53, R. Babaria and R.R. Watson

Vitamin D and musculoskeletal health

4. Vitamin D and fall risk 67. J. Basran, R.L. Duckham and D.B. Hogan
5. The beneficial effects of higher (adequate) vitamin D status on bone growth and muscle strength in children and adolescents 83, L.H. Foo and S.J. Whiting
6. Hypovitaminosis D and muscle strength 97, T. Songpatanasilp
7. Vitamin D and growth 115, H.T. Viljakainen and E. Hyppdnen
8. Vitamin D and arthritis 137, U.J. Haque
9. High-dose vitamin D supplementation in the elderly 147, C.J. Bacon

Vitamin D and chronic disease

10. Vitamin D deficiency and premature death 175, A. Zittermann and S. Prokop
11. Vitamin D and hyperparathyroidism in patients with chronic kidney disease 193. D. Hansen
12. Diseases affected by vitamin D: sun exposure 207 W.B. Grant
13. Immune modulation by UV: role of vitamin D 227 P.H. Hart and S. Gorman
14. Vitamin D and periodontal disease 243, N. Garcia, D. Miley and D.A. Dixon
15. Vitamin D and cystic fibrosis 255, T. Pincikova and M. Flodstrdm-Tullberg

Vitamin D and infectious disease

16. Vitamin D and respiratory infections in infants and toddlers: a nutri-shine perspective 277, K.V. Balan, U.S. Babu, D.E. Godar and M.S. Calvo
17. Vitamin D in HIV/AIDS: a role? 299, J.-P. Viard and J.-C. Souberbielle
18. Vitamin D and tuberculosis 321, K. vinh quocLUdngandL.T.H. Nguyen
19. Vitamin D and dental health 355, E. Jordan, S. Davis, P. Rakes, L.K. McCauley and J. Bashutski
20. Inflammation and vitamin D 373, X. Guillot, C. Prati, N. Saidenberg-Kermanach, L. Semerano, G. Falgarone, M.C. Boissier and D. Wendling

Vitamin D and cancer

21. Vitamin D in the prevention and treatment of pancreatic cancer 393, T.C. Chen and K.C. Chiang
22. Vitamin D and melanoma 419 J.A. Newton-Bishop and J.A. Randerson-Moor, 23. Vitamin D autocrine system and prostate cancer prevention and treatment 445, T.C. Chen
24. Vitamin D and esophageal cancer 465 H.G. Coleman, M.M. Cantwell and L.J. Murray
25. Monitoring in vivo immune modulation by vitamin D in multiple sclerosis 475. A.-H. Muris, J. Damoiseaux and J. Smolders

Vitamin D in chronic diseases

26. Vitamin D and insulin sensitivity 503, B. Larrick, S. Donkin and D. Teegarden
27. Vitamin D and diabetes mellitus: where are we? 527 J. Liu, 28. Vitamin D and cardiovascular risk: hype or new hope? 549 J.L. Anderson and J.B. Muhlestein
29. Vitamin D and transplantation 567, M. Courbebaisse, J.C. Souberbielle and E. Thervet
30. Vitamin D and bone health among people with epilepsy 589 R.A. Shellhaas, R.K. Singh and S.M. Joshi

Women and children

31. Neonatal effects of enhanced vitamin D and vitamin D for premature infants 609 H.K. Linke
32. Lactation and vitamin D 633, S.N. Taylor, C.L. Wagner and B.W. Hollis
33. Vitamin D replacement in pregnant women in developing countries 651 M.T. Sahu and M. Sahu
34. Vitamin D in pregnancy 671, D. Dror
35. Design and rationale of the VITamin D and OmegA-3 Trial. (VITAL) 693, S.S. Bassuk and J.E. Manson
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