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Vitamin D important papers from 1645 to 2013 – Nov 2013

Historically important and highly-cited vitamin D papers Nov 14, 2013

William B. Grant 1 and Barbara J. Boucher 2
1Sunlight, Nutrition, and Health Research Center (SUNARC)
P.O. Box 641603, San Francisco, CA 94164-1603, USA, www.sunarc.org, wbgrant at infionline.net

2Centre for Diabetes and Metabolic Medicine Bart's and
The London School of Medicine and Dentistry Institute of Cell and Molecular Science
4 Newark Street , London E1 2AT UK , bboucher at doctors.org.uk

This bibliography is based on historically important and/or highly-cited papers on vitamin D.
By historically important we mean papers that were either first on a particular topic or papers that opened the doors to additional studies.
By highly cited, we mean papers with large number of citations for the time of publication based on citations listed at Scholar.Google.com. Scholar.Google.com includes citations from journal papers, reports, and books. The number of citations at Scholar.Google.com is up to a factor of two higher than at the Web of Science, which limits citations to selected journals. The advantages of Scholar.Google.com include that the sources citing the papers of interest are given, that the website has open access, and that if a full text version of the paper is available on the web, a link to it is provided.
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The history of vitamin D has several phases.
The first phase, dating from 1645, was based on understanding the risk factors for rickets.
The effect of vitamin D on calcium and bones remained the primary concern of vitamin D studies through at least 1960.
There were studies of the effect of vitamin D and sunlight on risk of dental caries starting in 1928 [Mellanby et al., 1928],

The second phase starts in 1922 with the identification of vitamin D as a vitamin by McCollum et al. [1922].

The third phase might be considered to start in 1961 with a consideration of the role of vitamin D in the risk of coronary heart disease [Ross and Campbell, 1961].
This appears to be the first consideration of a role for vitamin D for noncalcemic effects although the effect of vitamin A was considered stronger than that of vitamin D.
In 1974, it was proposed that vitamin D affected risk of multiple sclerosis [Goldberg, 1974].
The ultraviolet-B–vitamin D–cancer hypothesis was proposed by the brothers Cedric and Frank Garland in 1980 [Garland and Garland, 1980].
   This paper is considered to have led to over three thousand papers on the topic, which has very strong scientific support now.

Table 1: 18 important milestones regarding the noncalcemic effects of vitamin D

Year Health outcome Reference
1922 Separation of vitamin D from vitamin A McCollum et al., 1922
1928 Dental caries Mellanby et al., 1928
1974 Multiple sclerosis Goldberg, 1974
1980 Colon cancer Garland and Garland, 1980
1980 Insulin control Norman et al., 1980
1980 Crohn’s disease Harries et al., 1985
1986 Skeletal muscle function Boland, 1986
1990 Myocardial infarction Scragg et al., 1990
1993 Vitamin D receptor-retinoid-X receptor-alpha interaction Carlberg et al., 1993
1998 Syndrome ‘X’ Boucher, 1998
1999 Schizophrenia McGrath, 1999
2001 Type 1 diabetes mellitus Hypponen et al., 2001
2001 Extrarenal expression of 25-hydroxyvitamin d(3)-1 alpha-hydroxylase Zehnder et al., 2001
2003 Non-specific musculoskeletal pain Plotnikoff and Quigley, 2003
2006 Influenza Cannell et al., 2006
2006 Type 2 diabetes mellitus Pittas et al., 2006
2008 Autism Cannell, 2008

191 papers

Note: (xxx GS) means number of citations found at scholar.google.com in October 2013

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    In vitaminDWiki Vitamin D Receptor locations – Dec 2012
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