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Allergic Rhinitis (hay fever) reduced by just 1,000 IU of vitamin D for 30 days – RCT Sept 2015

Placebo controlled trial of vitamin D supplementation in allergic rhinitis

European Resp. Journal DOI: 10.1183/13993003.congress-2015.PA2559 Published 1 September 2015
Anupam Malik, Balakrishnan Menon, Yusuf Dar, Tinu Garg, Harish Bhatia, Charanjeet Kaur

Introduction: Increasing evidence is linking Vitamin D to immune-related conditions. Lymphocytes have Vitamin D Receptors and Vitamin D has direct affects on dendritic cells, helper and regulatory T cells and activated B cells.

Aims and Objectives: To evaluate the levels of Vitamin D in Allergic Rhinitis and its correlation with the severity of disease and the effect Vitamin D supplementation (Cholecalciferol - 1000 IU) on the course of the disease.

Material & Methods: Fifty subjects of Allergic Rhinitis were randomised into two groups. The test group received oral vitamin D (cholecalciferol; 1000 IU) for thirty days while the Control group received placebo. Vitamin D levels and Total Nasal Symptom Score (TNSS) were assessed at the start and end of the study period.

Results: Patients of allergic rhinitis showed deficiency in vitamin D levels. The mean vitamin D level in Test group was 17.32+8.26 ng/ml and in Control group was 18.19±4.66 ng/ml . The TNSS score was 9.92±1.37 in Test group and 10.17±2.90 in Control group.

The Post treatment mean vitamin D level was 29.71±2.28 ng/ml in test group and 18.67±4.75 ng/ml in Control group and the TNSS scores was 2.81±3.04 and 5.42±7.78 respectively. This difference between groups was significant. There was significant correlation between the severity of disease as represented by the different TNSS groups and Vitamin D levels.

Conclusion: Vitamin D levels were found to be low in subjects with allergic rhinitis. The levels of Vitamin D correlated with the severity of disease. There was highly significant reduction in the total nasal symptom score after supplementation. Thus Vitamin D supplementation alters the course of Allergic Rhinitis towards clinical improvement.

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