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Life extension and health improvement: Calico (Google) and perhaps Vitamin D

Founders of Google have shown very strong interests in improved health

  • Sergey Brin: 50% chance of getting Parkinson's disease ( 30-75%)
    • Brin has donated $132m to create DNA database of 7,000 patients and to support work on treatments for the condition
  • Larry Page has a rare nerve disease that affects his vocal chords and Hashimoto's thyroiditis.
  • Both Brin and Page have long been fixated on how to use data analysis to predict and track disease.

Google spun-off Calico with moonshot chance of curing Cancer in next 20 years (Sept 2013)

  • Note: Curing Cancer would extend the average lifespan by 3 years

VitainDWiki suggests that Calico should also invest in restoring Vitamin D levels

Some candidate Calico funding:

  1. Large Intervention trial to double Vitamin D levels – and observe the outcome
    • Note: A doctor found that when approximately doubling the vitamin D levels of all of his patients that they decreased office visits for all reasons from 4 per year down to just 1.
  2. Restore vitamin D levels of some (Google?) employees & families and observe difference in sick leave, performance, etc. This could be a Random Controlled Trial
  3. Trial of benefit of UVB lighting (which increases vitamin D levels) on health and productivity
  4. Selectively install widow panes which are transparent in UVB – which creates vitamin D
    • Monitor sick leave of employees working near these special windows.
  5. Focus on low-hanging fruit – improve the vitamin D levels of employees who are in groups which are vitamn D deficient
    • Pregnant,
    • Stay indoors most of the time (virtually all programmers?)
    • Darker skins (Asians, Indians, African-Americans)   Global Google – many offices where dark skin in the norm
    • Many Google offices are far from or very near to the equator (less UVB, darker skin)


See also VitaminDWiki

see page http://is.gd/lowddeath

Vitamin D will square the curve (live longer AND healthier)


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