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Diabetes prevention RCT kicked off: adding 4,000 IU vitamin D - Oct 2013

2,400 patients over age 30
20 medical centers
4 year duration
Participants must not take > 600 IU of vitamin D if < 70 years old.

Website for the study = http://www.d2dstudy.org/
NIH Press Release

Comment by VitaminDWiki

Suspect that this RCT will fail to get enough people willing to limit their levels of vitamin D.
Patients have not wanted to limit their vitamin D in several RCT in 2012 and 2013, so they were cancelled
4,000 IU may be enough Vitamin D for those who are not at high risk of being vitamin D deficient – such as elderly, darker skinned, obese, or shut-ins

They are advertising in Craigs list (Jan 2014) - trying to get participants

One of the reasons is that this RCT is being widely announced - so lots of people are strongly suspecting the vitamin D will help

See also VitaminDWiki

See also VitaminDWiki