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To be reimbursed for supplements in the UK the benefits must now be approved by EU – Aug 2013

Who NEEDS vitamin pills: As consumer group dismisses health claims of Britain's favourite supplements, our experts insist they DO have proven benefits - if you take the right ones DailyMail Aug 2013

A law change last December means health benefits on supplements must have EU approval. But of more than 44,000 health claims submitted, just 248 have so far been authorised.
No indication in article as to what the EU approves vitamin D for.
Doubt that vitamin D is approved for any prevention, just treatment.

5+ claims approved by European Food Safety Authority for Vitamin D include bones, muscles, immunity - see attached at bottom of this page

Wonder what dose size people in the UK can be reimbursed for: the RDA, the Upper Limit, or what

No such ambiguity in the US.
The US provides NO compensation for any amount of any supplement for any purpose.

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