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A group of 6,000 people have vitamin D levels higher than 50 ng – GrassrootsHealth

>6,000 as of March 2014.
Expect to soon announce an 'open access' database
Dr. Mercola joined the D*action project in early 2013

GrassrootsHealth Charts include

Grassroots Intake is.gd/vitdage Grassroot participants age @ is.gd/vitdage Vitamin D levels of participants is.gd/vitdage Cold and Flu reduction @ is.gd/VitDColdFlu Survey from Grassroots Health July 2013 Not vary with form of vitamin D How much to supplement Grassroots Jan 2013 Kidney Stones  @ is.gd/ksvitd

Data from GrassrootsHealth was reformated by VitaminDWiki to make the following

derived from Grassroots 2013


Facebook for Grassroots

GrassrootsHealth is sponsoring the use of blood spot test kits (laboratory analysis done by ZRT Labs) for a $65.00 + $5 shipping.
The tests are to be done twice a year by each individual along with the submission of some basic health data.
The kits are not available as a ‘stand alone’ without health data.
You have to fill in some information on amount of vitamin D you are taking, etc
They provide a quantity price discount. I suspect all kits are shipped at the same time)
1 test - $65 + $5 shipping
2 tests - $63/test + $5 shipping
10 test - $60/test + $5 shipping

Which, one supposes, will be included in an update to the graph shown below.

Here is a Grassroots Chart as of April 2012

see wikipage http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=266

See also VitaminDWiki

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