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Overview Cancer and vitamin D

Scores of studies show that Vitamin D prevents many cancers and treats a few cancers

  • Prevention results from 2,000 to 5,000 IU of vitamin D
    Prevention really depends on the level of vitamin D in the blood, and some vitamin D-deficient groups need much more
  • Treatment needs > 8,000 IU of vitamin D
    But must be careful, as vitamin D makes some Chemotherapy more potent

A high percentage of all cancer deaths are prevented by a high enough level of vitamin D in your bloodstream

derived from Grassroots 2013

VitaminDWiki – Cancer category contains

Cancers get less Vitamin D when there is a poor Vitamin D Receptor

VitaminDWiki – Cancer increases if poor Vitamin D Receptor

Cancers get less Vitamin D when there is a poor Vitamin D Receptor

Vitamin D fights cancer in many ways - GrassrootsHealth Sept 2022

How Vitamin D Works to Help Prevent Cancer

  • Inhibits cancer cell growth and proliferation
  • Reduces cancer metastasis
  • Stimulates maturation of healthy cells (differentiation)
  • Induces death of cancer cells (apoptosis or programmed cell death)
  • Prevents blood vessel growth in tumors (angiogenesis)
  • Prevents inflammation associated with cancer
  • Reduces the risk of incidence and/or death due to cancer

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Vitamin D and cancer clinical trials: 23 in VitaminDWiki, 453 in Clinical Trials.gov

Intervention pages with CANCER in the title
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Cancer Intervention Trials with Vitamin D 452 of Sept 2022

55% Cancer increase in young adults in 30 years in middle-income countries - 2023

The unexplained rise of cancer among millennials


They suspect the increase is due to Ultra-processed food ==> poor gut biome
VitaminDWiki additionally suspects herbicides & pesticides ==> poor gut biome

VitaminDWiki - 10 Infant-Child pages with CANCER in the title

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252 Cancer – Breast items

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141 Cancer – Colon items

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101 Cancer - Prostate items

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290 Cancer – General items

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Following graph from the CDC August 2010

from PDF in File Gallery - More about vitamin D, also wiki
CLICK HERE for Original study by Lappe - 2007
41 minutes good video of Lappe explaining the trial
in which she mentions the next 5-year trial underway with 2,000 IU of vitamin D
Breast Cancer details from the study
For years 2-4
Placebo: 8 Breast Cancers out of 266 women
1100 IU vitamin D + Calcium 4 Breast Cancers out of 403 women
That is 8/266 ==> 4/403 with vitamin D
So roughly 3% ==> 1% with 1100 IU of vitamin D
about a 3X reduction for Breast Cancer(vs 4X reduction for all Cancers)
CLICK HERE for Lappe -2011 slide description of the original study
See wikipage:http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=931

Colon Cancer Chart: Vitamin D > 40ng is good

BISCHOFF April-2010  PDF

Increase in Childhood Cancer in recent decades

Childhood Cancer Increase

Cancer $creening Doesn't Save Lives, 2 Meta-Analyses 2015, 2023

Cancer $creening Doesn't Save Lives, Meta-Study Reveals
The huge problem of false positives/overdiagnosis GreenMedInfo Jan 2015

  • Estimated Lifetime Gained With Cancer Screening Tests: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials - Sept 2015 - doi: 10.1001/jamainternmed.2023.3798
    • "Conclusions and relevance: The findings of this meta-analysis suggest that current evidence does not substantiate the claim that common cancer screening tests save lives by extending lifetime, except possibly for colorectal cancer screening with sigmoidoscopy."
    • Can be read at DeepDyve


The Impact of Vitamin D in Cancer - book chapter - 2017

 Download the PDF from VitaminDWiki

Alternative therapies have worse outcomes when cancer therapy is ignored - July 2018

Complementary Medicine, Refusal of Conventional Cancer Therapy, and Survival Among Patients With Curable Cancers
Skyler B. Johnson, MD1; Henry S. Park, MD, MPH1; Cary P. Gross, MD2; et al James B. Yu, MD, MHS1,2
JAMA Oncol. Published online July 19, 2018. doi:10.1001/jamaoncol.2018.2487
 Download the PDF from VitaminDWiki
"Vitamin D" does not occur once in the study
Note: The study only looks at
Cancer treatment, not prevention
Cancer mortality, not cancer survival

Cancer Factoids from The Body, by Bill Bryson, 2019

  • They (Cancers) have evolved to avoid detection,” says Vormoor. “They can hide from drugs. They can develop resistance. (VitaminDWiki also believes that many have also learned to hide.
  • Something we have only recently realized is that before cancers metastasize, they are able to prepare the ground for an invasion in distant target organs, probably through some form of chemical signaling. “What this means,” Vormoor says, “is that when cancer cells spread to other organs, they don’t just turn up and hope for the best. They already have a base camp.
  • Viruses and bacteria cause cancers, too. The World Health Organization 2011 estimated that 6 percent of cancers in the developed world but 22 percent in low- and middle-income countries are attributable to viruses alone.
  • A significant fraction of childhood cancer deaths come not from the cancer itself but from the treatments for it.

Aloe appears to help with Cancer chemo and radiation therapy - Greger - July 2022

Aloe Is Put to the Test Against Cancer
Also mentions Aloe treating eye cancer in an individual - without any surgery or other treatment.
Note: The wife of the founder of VitaminDWiki used several aloe plants to treat her Breast Cancer radiation therapy burns about 20 years ago.

Cancer Incidence in Men and Women, and Vitamin D ( 2022)

CancerMenWomen Vitamin D
Bladder 1 in 26 1 in 86D
Colorectal 1 in 24 1 in 25D
Lung 1 in 16 1 in 17 D
Melanoma 1 in 27 1 in 40D
Pancreatic 1 in 49 1 in 61D
Prostate 1 in 8 -D
Breast- 1 in 8D
Uterine- 1 in 32
Thyroid? 1 in 55 D
Ovarian - 1 in 85D

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Overview Cancer and vitamin D        
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