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The top 10 medical expenses can all be decreased by vitamin D

The health problems & expenses WebMD Nov 2021

Heart Conditions: $555 BillionOverview Cardiovascular and vitamin D
Diabetes: $245 BillionOverview Diabetes and vitamin D
Cancer: $225 BillionOverview Cancer and vitamin D and 17+ subcategories
Obesity: $190 BillionOverview Obesity and Vitamin D
COPD and Asthma: Between $100-290 BillionCOPD fought by Vitamin D - many studies
Overview Asthma and Vitamin D
Traffic Injuries: $99 BillionVitamin D is needed before most surgeries
Mental Disorders: $89 BillionOverview Alzheimer's-Cognition and Vitamin D
Brain and Vitamin D - many studies
Low Back and Neck Problems: $87 BillionBack Pain
Joint Disorders: $80 BillionOverview Osteoporosis and vitamin D
High Blood Pressure: $46 BillionOverview Hypertension and Vitamin D

Heart Conditions, Diabetes, Cancer, Obesity, COPD and Asthma, Traffic Injuries, Mental Disorders, Depression; Brain, Low Back and Neck Problems, Joint Disorders, High Blood Pressure,
Note: The above are probably just medical costs, and so would not include

  • loss of salary,
  • time off from work,
  • reduced job productivity
  • disability
  • long-term assistance/care
  • death

Both medical and other costs are included in the Global Burden of Disease

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