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Obesity linked to 13 cancers, the linkage is probably vitamin D – Aug 2016

Fact: Obesity lowers vitamin D
Fact: Low vitamin D increases the risk of many diseases – such as cancers
Examples of web reporting

Type of CancerSome studies in VitaminDWiki
adenocarcinoma of the esophagusCancer of glands (Adenocarcinoma) associated with 2X lower vitamin D levels – Aug 2013
colorectal cancerOverview Cancer-Colon and vitamin D
breast cancer in postmenopausal womenOverview Breast Cancer and Vitamin D
uterine cancerEndometrial cancer and Vitamin D – many studies
kidney cancers5X less risk of Kidney cancer if good ratio of Vitamin D binding protein to circulating vitamin D – Nov 2013
The study added the following cancers
gastric cardia, a cancer of the part of the
stomach closest to the esophagus;
liver cancerLiver cancer half as likely if high level of vitamin D – Feb 2014
gallbladder cancer
pancreatic cancerCancer - Pancreatic
thyroid cancerOverview Thyroid and Vitamin D
ovarian cancerCancer - Ovarian
meningioma, a usually benign
type of brain cancer;
Brain cancer in 175 countries related to low UVB and low vitamin D – Oct 2010
multiple myeloma, a blood cancer Multiple Myeloma (blood cell cancer) treated by vitamin D - many studies

Publisher wants $20 for the study
DOI: 10.1056/NEJMsr1606602

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