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Bibliography of Black-White health disparities linked to vitamin D - Dr. Grant March 2017

William B. Grant, Ph.D. wbgrant at infionline.net

I prepared this bibliography in order to see the level of acceptance for vitamin D affecting health outcomes for black Americans. (I omitted papers on bone health.) My impression is that it is not very well accepted. One reason given by researchers is that most of the vitamin D studies were performed on white, not black people. Another likely reason is that most of the studies are ecological or observational in nature, not from clinical trials.

I am interested in suggestions on what type of manuscript to prepare and where to submit it in order to make physicians and researchers interested in the health of black Americans more aware of vitamin D. I tried to work with the National Medical Association but have not made any progress with them since my 2008 letter in their journal. Please let me know your thoughts and if you would like to work on this manuscript.

Numbers of citations are given in the form (xx, yy) where xx is the number in the Web of Science and yy is the number in scholar.google.com. The Web of Science numbers are from the journals that they follow. The scholar.google.com citations are from a variety of sources including websites. Scholar.google.com numbers as well as who cited the paper are freely available from the Web. Web of Science numbers are available through libraries. Scholar.google.com numbers can be about a factor of two higher than Web of Science numbers. The citation numbers were from November 20, 2016.

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No citation numbers yet

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Uncited publications, mostly letters to the editor or electronic comments (some of the comments may no longer be accessible)

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660 Most people have pale palms which do not tan 64277
30 Jan, 2011 03:56
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69 Eskimos evolved to get and limit Vitamin D from food 45541
29 Oct, 2021 02:31
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Food sources for Vitamin D
Vitamin D Far from equator
2053 Review of Vitamin D Deficiencies in developing countries - Oct 2011 40735
08 Oct, 2017 12:56
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Deficiency of Vitamin D
Middle East
4172 Chart of Vitamin D levels vs race - April 2013 34794
28 Dec, 2021 16:26
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