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Increased health problems in blacks is similar to that of low vitamin D whites (John Singleton Stroke)

Race Matters to the Health of African American Men Scientific American June 2019

The recent, premature death of director John Singleton is a tragic case in point
by Janice_Phillips@rush.edu

  • Singleton died at age 51 after having a stroke on April 29
  • "...African Americans, who have the highest prevalence of hypertension in the world."
  • "In general, black men have the lowest life expectancy, living 7.1 years less than other ethnic groups"

Increased black health problems is similar white health problems if low vitamin D

vs White
White - low D
vs White - high D
breast cancer 1.34 1.26
colorectal cancer 1.43 1.44
cardiovascular disease1.29 1.27
all-cause mortality 1.26 1.26

Black Strokes

Perhaps Blacks need more D to get same blood level

Living less while black (a take-off on "driving while black")

Pregnant while black

Dark Skin Other Health Problems

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