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Poor oral health increases CVD risk if low Vitamin D – June 2023

Oral health and 10-year cardiovascular risk in US adults: mediating role of inflammatory diet and vitamin D

LClin Oral Investig. 2023 Jun 5. doi: 10.1007/s00784-023-05097-w   PDF is behind a paywall
ing Wang # 1, Xuanzhi Wang # 2, Mengzi Sun 1, Xuhan Wang 1, Xiaotong Li 1, Wenyu Hu 1, Yixue Yang 1, Jing Li 1, Yibo Dong 1, Bo Li 3

Objective: To investigate whether E-DII or vitamin D mediates the relationship between oral health and cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk.

Methods: This study involved 6616 participants aged over 30 years old from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) in 2009-2014. Dietary inflammation and 10-year CVD risk were evaluated via the Energy-adjusted Dietary Inflammatory Index (E-DII) and the Framingham Risk Score (FRS), respectively. We used correlation analysis and mediation analysis to investigate the role of dietary inflammation and vitamin D in the relationship between oral health and CVD risk.

Results: Oral health indicators and CVD risk were positively correlated with E-DII (r > 0, P < 0.001) and negatively correlated with vitamin D levels (r < 0, P < 0.001). The estimated mediating role of E-DII and vitamin D in the overall association between oral health and 10-year risk of CVD ranged from 4.9 to 7.5% and 6.6 to 11.6%, respectively. Furthermore, the mediation proportion of E-DII and vitamin D levels in the total association between oral health indicators and FRS were increased in participants without periodontitis.

Conclusion: Both E-DII and serum vitamin D were mediated the association between oral problems and 10-year CVD risk, especially in participants without periodontitis. Among them, E-DII played a positive mediating role, and serum vitamin D levels was a negative mediator.

Clinical relevance: Anti-inflammatory diet and prevention of vitamin D deficiency might reduce the impact of oral problems on cardiovascular disease risk to some extent. The study highlights the important role of oral health and dietary inflammation and vitamin D in primary prevention of cardiovascular disease.

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