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Great Teeth if 10X more fat-soluble vitamins (Vitamin D) - 1935

Weston Price - Cleveland Dentist who looked at teeth and jaws around the world
He noticed that great teeth were associated with 10X more fat-soluble vitamins

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Bones (and Teeth) need a variety of things - not just Calcium and Vitamin D

Stress (exercise, chewing), Magnesium, Vitamin D, Silicon, Boron, Vitamin K, Calcium, Resveratrol (improves Vitamin D receptor)

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60 years bleeding gums disappeared after oral application of Vitamin D - by the founder of VitaminDWiki

  • I had bleeding gums all of my life.
  • Bleeding gums continued after raising my vitamin D blood level was raised to 100 ng/ml
    • Note - Like ~20% of the population, I have a poor vitamin D receptor
    • so not all of the Vitamin D in my blood actually gets to my tissues
  • Topical Vitamin D had eliminated the psoriasis on my right knee (bike injury)
  • Decided to try topical vitamin D on my gums
  • Made up a black tooth powder from charcoal, Bentonite Clay, and Vitamin D
    • Charcoal = teeth whitener
    • Bentonite Clay = bacteria killer & abrasive & remineralizer of teeth
    • ~100,000 IU Vitamin D per tablespoon of powder - from Bio-Tech capsules
  • Brushed my teeth daily with the black powder
  • Used regular toothpaste before or after the black powder - several times a week
    • Once a week used interdental brush dipped in the black powder between my teeth
    • Note: I use the small size - not much space between my teeth
  • After a few months no more bleeding gums!!

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