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Poor Periodontal associated with low vitamin D in 65 percent of cross-sectional studies – review March 2018

Vitamin D levels and risk for periodontal disease: A systematic review

Journal of Periodontal Research, First published: 1 March 2018, DOI: 10.1111/jre.12531
J. P. N. S. Pinto, J. Goergen, F. W. M. G. Muniz, A. N. Haas alexnhaas at gmail.com


65% does not seem possible with 13 studies
8 / 13 = 61.5 %,    9 / 13 = 69 %

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I have been whitening my teeth with a mixture of powders which I make up:
Vitamin D + Charcole + Bentonite Clay.
Seems to help both my teeth and gums.
Last year I had experimented with making a Vitamin D mouthwash as a quick way of getting Vitamin D into my body.

To evaluate the existing evidence supporting or refuting the following questions:

  • (i) Do patients with lower vitamin D levels have higher risk for periodontal disease?
  • (ii) Are periodontal treatment outcomes improved by the adjuvant supplementation of vitamin D or by elevated serum vitamin D levels?

Material and Methods
MEDLINE, SCOPUS, EMBASE and Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL) databases were searched up to September 2017. Studies were included if they had measured serum vitamin D levels or vitamin D intake and any periodontal parameter.

Overall, 27 studies were included (

  • 13 cross-sectional studies,
  • 6 case-control studies,
  • 5 cohort studies,
  • 2 randomized clinical trials and
  • 1 case series study).

Sixty-five percent of the cross-sectional studies reported significant associations between low vitamin D levels and poor periodontal parameters.
None of the observational longitudinal studies found that periodontal disease progression could be attributed to lower vitamin D levels.
No interventional studies that evaluated the use of vitamin D supplementation as a solely adjuvant to periodontal treatment was found.
No meta-analysis was performed due to high variability across studies.

The data to support or refute the association between vitamin D levels and periodontal disease are inconclusive at the moment. More rigorously designed longitudinal studies with standardized definitions of periodontal disease and vitamin D are necessary.

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