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Tooth abscesses 3.4 X more likely if low vitamin D – June 2021

Prevalence of periapical abscesses in vitamin D deficient patients

Am J Dent. 2021 Jun;34(3):163-165.
Ilan Rotstein 1, Joseph Katz 2

Purpose: To assess the prevalence of periapical abscesses (PAs) in individuals with vitamin D deficiency who are not treated and in individuals treated with a vitamin D supplement (calciferol).

Methods: Integrated data of hospital patients was used. Data from the corresponding diagnosis codes for periapical abscess and vitamin D deficiency were retrieved by searching the appropriate query in the database. The Risk Ratio (RR) for periapical abscesses, its association with vitamin D deficiency and intake of calciferol were calculated and analyzed statistically.

Results: The RR for prevalence of periapical abscesses in patients with vitamin D deficiency was 3.44. Presence of PAs was significantly higher in patients with vitamin D deficiency compared to patients without vitamin D deficiency (P< 0.0001). The RR and the prevalence of PAs for patients treated with calciferol were significantly lower compared to untreated patients (P< 0.0001).

Clinical significance: Dentists should be aware of the possible association between vitamin D deficiency and occurrence of periapical abscesses. It appears that the prevalence of periapical abscesses is higher in patients with vitamin D deficiency. Calciferol supplement may reduce the prevalence of such periapical disease in these patients.

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