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FDA considering raising adult Vitamin D, but not for adults who are senior or pregnant- Feb 2014

Update 2015 - FDA took no action

Nutrition Labels Get a Facelift to Reflect Reality ABC News

Many changes, such as

  • eliminating requirement to list Vitamin A and Vitamin C,
  • Eliminating the total calories from fat - as the type of fat is more important
  • Adding Potassium
  • The recommended daily amount of vitamin D is proposed to jump from 400 IU to 800 IU

Vitamin DAdults and
≥ 4 years
<12 months
1-3 years
Pregnant and
lactating women
IoM 2010 600 IU
800 IU > age 70
- 600 IU 600 IU
FDA proposed 2014 800 IU 400 IU600 IU 600 IU

FDA should have also raised the RDA for Seniors

FDA appears to consider an ADULT who gets pregnant needs LESS vitamin D
  while studies have shown the pregnancy requires MORE vitamin D

Also in the Federal Register
vitamin K 50% increase 80 ==> 120 micrograms (This is for Vitamin K1, they continue to ignore Vitamin K2)
Vitamin C 50% increase 60 ==> 60 milligrams