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Vitamin or Mineral Supplements Don’t Prevent Dementia (only one Vitamin D trial, it used 400 IU) – Feb 2019

Vitamin or Mineral Supplements Don’t Prevent Dementia New York Times

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Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews: Vitamin and mineral supplementation for maintaining cognitive function in cognitively healthy people in mid and late life Dec 2018

VitaminDWiki rented the PDF, which describes the single Vitamin D trial considerd

Items in both categories Seniors and Cognitive are listed here:

Items of Cognition and Meta-analysis

Alzheimers-Cognition - Overview starts with

Cognitive category starts with the following

Very brief summary of Cognitive decline
Treatment : Vitamin D intervention slows or stops progression
Prevention : Many observational studies - perhaps Vitamin D prevents
Omega-3 both prevents and treats cognition
Wonder the benefits if both Vitamin D AND Omega-3 were to be used

302 items in Cognition category

see also Alzheimers-Cognition - Overview
Overview Parkinson's and Vitamin D
Vitamin D pages containing "Dementia" in title (35 as of June 2021)
Overview Schizophrenia and Vitamin D
Poor cognition 26 percent more likely if low Vitamin D (29 studies) – meta-analysis July 2017
IQ levels around the world are falling (perhaps lower Vitamin D, Iodine, or Omega-3)
Search VitaminDWiki for "WHITE MATTER" 53 items as of Jan 2017

Types of evidence that Vitamin D helps brain problems - 2014

The study did not consider the benefits of Omega-3%%% (Omega-3 is not a vitamin nor a mineral)

Items in BOTH the categories Cognition and Omega-3

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