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Hospice and palliative care – Vitamin D, CBD, and Medical Cannabis

  • Vitamin D, CBD, and Medical M all relieve pain
  • Vitamin D, CBD may also cure
    Vitamin D, CBD are legal in all 50 US states
  • Medical Cannabis is one of the following (unclear as of 2017)
    THC + CBD

Vitamin D


Medical cannabis

THC + CBD has been approved for MS in Europe
CBD is in finaly stages of being approved by FDA for Epilepsy
Endocannabinoid system in very old - at least 500 million years
All vertebrates have Endocannaboid systems
Cannaboids are found in breast milk
Omega -3 is a Cannaboid precursor
CB1 receptor in the brain and many other tissues
CB1 is the most abundant "g-coupled" receptor in the mammalian brain
CB2 receptors in immune system and many other tissues
Black pepper activates CB2 receptor
UCLA researcher is focusing on reduction of Pain with Cannaboids -
Recent NIH report found that Cannaboid are associated with essentially all human diseases
CBD is especially important for all auto-immune diseases (note: Diabetes is now #3 killer in the US and #1 in Mexico)
CBD greatly reduced auto-immune problems after bone marrow transplant
CBD prescribed to 26,000 chronic pain patients in Israel
Turpins in marijuana might help CBD cross the blood-brain barrier

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