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  1. Air Pollution 2000-2012
  2. Brain Plasticity, Posit Science
  3. Off topic: Offline page access of a website (such as VitaminDWiki) on an iPad
  4. Off Topic: Organic food consumption decreases cancer by 25 percent – JAMA Oct 2018
  5. Off Topic:Largest employeer in most states is Health Care
  6. Off topic: The best six doctors anywhere and no one can deny it
  7. Off topic: The wait for health care varies – July 2014
  8. Off topic: Video sessions with doctors now paid for by several US insurance companies – April 2015
  9. Off topic: Why Is the Federal Government Afraid of Fat - NYT July 2015
  10. Off topic: Statins associated with increased cataracts (wonder about low vitamin D) - Sept 2013
  11. Off topic: Low Level Laser Therapy works - makes Nitric Oxide and ATP
  12. Off topic: Malaria recovery associated with having more immature red blood cells – Sept 2016
  13. Off topic - Report Finds Most Errors at Hospitals Go Unreported – Jan 2012
  14. Off topic - Vitamin C is as good as exercise at reducing cardiovascular problems - Sept 2015
  15. Off Topic - Vitamin C videos reviewed - Oct 2017
  16. Off topic – 20 percent overtreatment in US – Sept 2017
  17. Off topic – Cut sugar intake in half (WHO proposal) March 2014
  18. Off Topic: Hyperbaric Oxygen – wide spectrum of benefits
  19. Off Topic: Just 5 publishers now control over half of all clinical medical articles - July 2015
  20. Off topic: great hearing amplifier - 10 cents per day per ear
  21. Off topic: Health Professionals bachelors degrees continues to grow – 2016
  22. Off topic: HealthTap has provided free telemedicine to 100 million users
  23. Off topic: Hear a word pronounced
  24. Off topic: Earthing to improve health (bare skin grounded to the earth)
  25. Off Topic: FDA advisors have many conflicts of interest
  26. Off topic: Conflicts of Interest at the F.D.A. New York Times - April 2015
  27. Off Topic: 10 ways to find medical studies on the web
  28. Off topic: 10X fewer autopsies in US hospitals in past 50 years
  29. Off topic: 4G cellphones - just 30 minutes causes change in brainwaves - RCT with sham - Sept 2013
  30. Off topic: 55 million without health insurance: 26 states
  31. Off topic: Analysis of vitamin risk-benefit (rather than just risk) funded in Europe – Nov 2013
  32. Off topic: Baby-sized aspirin doubles chance of getting wet macular degeneration
  33. Off Topic- 100,000 deaths due to prescriptions, 0 due to supplements, lets regulate supplements
  34. Off topic- Develop a vaccine instead of a drug, less costly and no chance of being sued
  35. Off Topic-Only 40 percent of medical practices examined were evidence-based – Feb 2017
  36. Off topic – Science-Based Superfoods – Garlic, Dark Berries, Spirulina, Leafy greens – Dec 2017
  37. Off topic – Evidence based medicine is broken – BMJ Jan 2014
  38. Off topic – FDA buried evidence of fraud in 78-600 clinical trials – Feb 2015
  39. Off topic – Half of surgeries had a medication error – Oct 2015
  40. Off topic - Deaths during past decade: Measles Zero, Measles Vaccines 100 - Feb 2015
  41. Off topic - Dollars for Docs
  42. Off Topic - Low Level Laser Therapy (Cold Therapy) can often help
  43. Off topic - More US health care employees than in manufacturing or retail - Jan 2018
  44. Off topic - original meanings of physician, doctor, surgery, healing, hygiene, panacea, etc.
  45. Off topic - 28,000 medicinal plants, 6,000 prescription drugs - which is the alternative treatment
  46. Off Topic - 65 out of the top 100 most-cited scientific papers are behind a paywall
  47. Off topic - Book reading seniors lived 2 years longer
  48. To have fewer problems with drug price increases – give money to congress or to patient advocacy groups
  49. The problems with healthcare in the U.S., following the disinformation playbook – Dec 2017
  50. 'Cancer Screening Has Never Saved Lives' (but Vitamin D supplementation does) - Jan 2016

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