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Off Topic - EECP reduces rehospitalization after heart attack by 3X, paid by Medicare – July 2018

I (founder of VitaminDWiki) first learned of Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) in the 1990’s
Looked very promising at the time
After 50 years of evolutio and testing it is now accepted practice
EECP treatment is paid for by most US health insurance companies and Medicare


  • External counterpulsation therapy (ECP) is a procedure that may be performed on individuals with angina, heart failure, or cardiomyopathy.
  • Not sufficient information to say it helps for strokes
  • “While an individual is undergoing ECP, he/she has pneumatic cuffs on his or her legs and is connected to telemetry monitors that monitor heart rate and rhythm. The most common type in use involves three cuffs placed on each leg (on the calves, the lower thighs, and the upper thighs (or buttock)). The cuffs are timed to inflate and deflate based on the individual's electrocardiogram. The cuffs should ideally inflate at the beginning of diastole and deflate at the beginning of systole. During the inflation portion of the cycle, the calf cuffs inflate first, then the lower thigh cuffs and finally the upper thigh cuffs. Inflation is controlled by a pressure monitor, and the cuffs are inflated to about 200 mmHg.”


Enhanced External Counterpulsation Therapy: Past, Present, and Future March 2017

doi: 10.1097/CRD.0000000000000122

Enhanced External Counterpulsation Therapy for Heart Disease and More Mercola July 2018

  • Includes text, video interview, and transcript
  • "When EECP is done immediately after heart failure, your chances of repeat hospitalization within 30 to 60 days drops from 30 to 50 percent down to 15 percent"

I suspect that Vitamin D would also help recovery from heart problems
Probably Vitamin D is synergistic with EECP

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