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Off topic – Outline of 2 hour health webinar by Dr. Patrick – Oct 2017

Crowdcast Q&A of 10/7/2017 150 people attended


Dr. Rhonda Patrick of FoundMyFitnes has had many previous great discussions and paper on Vitamin D, Omega-3 and Vitamin K

Sea salt, good or bad?
Time-restricted eating (TRE) and intermittent fasting (IF)

  • Effect of caffeine and other non-caloric xenobiotic compounds (vitamins, pharmaceuticals, etc.) on TRE vs. IF
  • Minimum effective dose to induce autophagy and replenish immune system
  • Optimal time to practice TRE
  • To sauna or not to sauna during a fast
  • Best foods for breaking a fast
  • How can shift workers benefit from TRE
  • How does fasting affect the gut?

Broccoli Sprouts/Sulforaphane

  • Are broccoli seeds a viable source of sulforaphane?
  • Benefits versus tradeoffs of the antinutrients in broccoli seeds
  • Is moringa a good source of isothiocyanates for people living in the US?
  • My broccoli seed sprouting protocol. Use glass jars and stainless steel jar lids for our sprouting setup. They get sterilized with boiling temperature water between sprouting sessions. We also are very consistent about rinsing twice a day and making sure to get as much water out after the rinse as possible. Failing to sufficiently get water out will definitely mess up your sprouts. We use 9 tablespoons of seeds (Todds organic) and harvest by the 3rd day (either by consuming or putting in the fridge and stopping rinsing).

Ketogenic Diets

  • Good evidence for a role in neurological disorders (epilepsy and neurodegenerative diseases).
  • Evidence for regulating aging (in mice)
  • Mixed evidence for cancer. Cancer is always a different story. Things that are good for normal cells are not always good for killing cancer cells (ie. folic acid/antioxidants). Cancer cells upregulate fatty acid metabolism and they use fatty acids for macromolecular synthesis. They use the lipids to build new cancer cells which which lipids for cell membranes etc. There have been studies in mice that have shown that ketogenic diet may help treat certain types of brain cancers. But there have also been studies that show ketone bodies fuel certain types of cancer cells (also done in mice).

How fat affects the gut

  • Should APOE4 carriers limit their fat intake?
  • Lifestyle factors that modify Alzheimer’s disease risk

Blood Tests

  • True health diagnostics have a really good cardiovascular panel where they measure lipids, and lipoproteins including particle size, CRP and other oxidative markers and omega-3. They also have a metabolic panel where they measure vitamin D, HbA1c, insulin, TSH. They also have a hormone test where they measure a variety of male and female sex hormones.
  • One of the Best Comprehensive Tests on Metabolism Includes how your body breaks down fat, carbohydrates, proteins and how it absorbs vitamins and minerals is done by Genova Diagnostics. Your physician orders it for you and they send you a kit and you provide a urine sample (cannot be dilute so best to take it first thing in the morning) and then you FedEx it to them. The turnaround time is approximately 14 days.


  • Non-pregnant supplements include:
    • multivitamin called ONE by a company called pure encapsulations
    • Vitamin D by thorne
    • I take 4 pills of Norwegian Pure-3 fish oil high DHA
    • Nicotinamide riboside by Thorne
    • Vitamin K2 by NOW (3 days per week)
    • I’ve just added PQQ (20 mg) by life extension
    • I used to take omega-3 phospholipids by nordic naturals but I started eating salmon roe instead.
  • Pregnancy/breastfeeding
    • Got rid of everything non-essential like lion’s mane (??)
    • Prenatal vitamin by Thorne
    • NPURE3 DHA fish oil (5 per day)
    • vitamin D (2000 IU for a total of 3000 IU including prenatal) Pure Encapsulations or Thorne during pregnancy. 6,000 IU during breastfeeding
    • iron bis-glycinate by Thorne 25 mg (2 pills in addition to prenatal) starting in third trimester
    • Visbiome (or VSL#3) starting in third trimester and while breastfeeding
    • PQQ only while breastfeeding
    • Vitamin K2 by NOW (3 days per week)
    • Salmon roe

Rhonda’s pregnancy diet/exercise
NAD+ and nicotinamide riboside supplementation
Thoughts on vaccinations

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