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Benefits of Micronutrients, fasting, saunas, intense exercise, cold showers – Patrick April 2018


  • Her website has a huge number of videos with transcripts & hyperlinks on a wide variety of ways to improve your health. Some are hour long treatments of topics talked about in 30 minutes in the following podcast
  • I, Henry Lahore, founder of VitaminDWiki, have been reading her publications and videos for about a decade now.
  • She has a Ph.D. in biomedical science from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center
  • The concepts she discusses are extremely grounded in science.
  • She occasionally will express an idea as being an opinion if it is not strongly supported by many studies.

A few items on Dr. Patrick in VitaminDWiki

Henry's comments: RDA is typically established by finding out how little of a micronutrient will cause an animal to die, then that amount by 2 sigma. The RDA is not a prescription for health. Having the RDA amount “should” prevent death. Also, the RDAs are considered separately. There is no investigation of health consequences of being a little low in two or more of the micronutrients

% of US with less than RDA

Vitamin D 70%
Vitamin E 60%
Magnesium 45%
   Mg is a cofactor for Vitamin D AND for DNA repair (prevent aging)
Vitamin K 35%
Vitamin A 34%
   Henry suspects that fewer people were deficient 50 years ago
   Wonder how many of the RDA should be based on body weight


Is a precursor to DNA
Lack of Folate is like having ionization in terms of resulting DNA damage

Vitamin K 35% not get RDA

Obese are low in many micronutrients

Need to increase micronutrients

Multivitamin And Mineral tablet helps, but is not enough
Should be careful to not get too much Vitamin A or Vitamin D

Triage theory of micronutrients

When have limited resources, the body allocates resources to short-term over long-term needs (which can create DNA damage)

She claims that good food has all of micronutrients needed

I, Henry Lahore, strongly disagree

  • It has been virtually impossible, and extremely expensive to get even the RDA level of Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Omega-3, Magnesium, etc from food since about 1960
  • She believes that fish still provides a good amount of Omega-3 – which is no longer true now that most fish is farmed.

APOE-4 gene problems can increase both Alzheimer’s and cholesterol problems

Dr. Patrick has a poor APOE-4 gene

PUFA -ALA gene problems

Efficiency of converting ALA to Omega-3 can be reduced by 30%

Vitamin D gene problems – less response in the blood from the same amount of Vitamin D

Recommends target level of 40-60 ng of Vitamin D to minimize all-cause mortality
Note by VitaminDWiki – there are also 6 other genes which decrease the amount of vitamin D which gets to the cells – and these genes are invisible to blood tests

Huge health benefits from sauna several times per week

Heat Shock protein (which should be just called Shock or Stress protein) has a half life of about 2 days – HSP some from sauna, cold showers, and other body stressors

Brown fat = more mitochondria

Can get more brown fat by taking cold showers
Cold showers increase alertness. Just 30-40 seconds at 40 degrees increases xxx by 2X to 3X and increases new mitocondria (the body’s way to be able to keep warm in case of future cold showers). The extra mitocondria might also reduce increase metabolism and decrease weight

3-5 day fasting cleans out the poorly functioning cells in many organs

And stem cells are made to replace those cells after the fast is completed
A 14 hour daily fast (only eat for 10 hours a day) is a easier way to get a portion of the benefit

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