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Off topic – 3rd leading cause of death is the Medical System (US) – Sept 2017

How Doctors Responded to Being Named a Leading Killer Sept 2017

Dr. Greger

  • “In my video Why Prevention Is Worth a Ton of Cure (2015), I profiled a paper that added up all the deaths caused by medical care in this country, including the hundred thousand deaths from medication side effects, all the deaths caused by errors, and so on. The author of the paper concluded that the third leading cause of death in America is the American medical system.”

Statistic was first reported in 1978, then in  JAMA in 2000 – virtual silence by Doctors to both reports

  • “Some things have finally changed. Work hour limits were instituted for medical trainees. Interns and residents could no longer be worked more than 80 hours a week, at least on paper, and the shifts couldn’t be more than 30 hours long
  • “When interns and residents are forced to pull all-nighters, they make
    36% more serious medical errors,
    five times more diagnostic errors, and have
    twice as many “attentional failures.””
  • “Performance is impaired as much as a blood alcohol level that would make it illegal to drive a car”

See also VitaminDWiki - Vitamin D both prevents (not use the medical system at all) and treats many diseases

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