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Off Topic GMO Roundup Corn causes lots of cancer and other problems in rats – Dec 2012

Highlights from Green Information and the study

  • Previous Roundup rat studies only lasted 90 days.
  • A French study, published in Nov 2012, studied rats for 600 days
  • Rats rarely die from GMO corn treated with Roundup before 400 days
  • Breast cancer, pituitary, liver and kidney disease were the most common resulting health problems
  • It appears that the genetic modification of corn caused it to concentrate Roundup in such a way that the plant avoids the problems.
    This concentration of the Roundup however, is to the edible portion of the plant.
    (Too bad that the concentration was not into the leaf, roots, etc)
  • Female rats died >2X more when eating GMO corn which had been grown with Roundup.
  • Male rats did not die as fast as the female rats, but significantly faster than non-GMO rats
  • Monsanto had said that Roundup was "safe as table salt"   Nope!!

This study does not show a problem with GMO corn, but just the problem of GMO corn grown with Roundup..

This study does not show a problem with GMO food either – but does raise some serious suspicions about what else the public had not being told.

PDF is attached at the bottom of this page


Note the detailed testing that this study used compared to previous studies


See previous reports of this paper in Sept 2012

Paper suspiciously withdrawn by publisher Nov 2013

Journal Retraction of Séralini GMO-Cancer Study Is Illicit, Unscientific, and Unethical
After a former Monsanto Employee was hired to the editorial board of the journal
Apparently the only thing wrong with the paper was that it failed to show the tumors on the control rats. Data was fine
Interesting publication 6 months before Monsanto Targets the Heart of Science: The Goodman Affair

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