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Off Topic – EMT diagnoses Heart Attacks correctly 73% of the time in the US, 95% correct if use A.I. – Jan 2018

Having A Heart Attack? This AI Helps Emergency Dispatchers Find Out Fast Company

  • “. . it “trains itself” by listening to the sound from a huge set of calls to identify important factors, and then continually improves its model as it works. Non-verbal sounds are often important”
    such as “ . . patient was gasping for breath because his heart wasn’t beating”

Comment by Henry Lahore, Founder of VitaminDWiki

Suspect it will get even better when Artificial Intelligence also considers such things as

  • The words used
  • The timing of the words.
  • Age and recent physical activity

I have been working with Artificial Intelligence for over 30 years now.
Somehow I might get the time and money to apply Artificial Intelligence to the estimation of how much Vitamin D a person should take. So far I am far too occupied by VitaminDWiki (> 40 hours/week) and the AI project would take > 1,000 hours and cost at least $20,000

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