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Off topic – Half of surgeries had a medication error – Oct 2015

Hospitals Mess Up Medications in Surgery—a Lot Bloomberg

  • About half of all surgeries involve some kind of medication error or unintended drug side effects, if a new study done at one of America’s most prestigious academic medical centers is any indication.
  • Anesthesiology department at Massachusetts General Hospital who observed 277 procedures there, is startlingly high compared with those in the few earlier studies.
  • More than one-third of the observed errors led to some kind of harm to the patient.
  • "In the operating room things happen very rapidly, and patients' conditions change quickly, so we don’t have time to go through that whole process,
  • "Patients don’t need to go into surgery thinking that they’re going to have lasting permanent harm every second operation," Nanji said.
  • In about one-fifth of the problems, adverse drug reactions were considered unavoidable—for example, . . .

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These are apparently just the ANESTHIA errors at a MAJOR institution.
Wonder how many SURGICAL errors at a NORMAL hospital?
Perhaps 80% of surgeries?

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