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Vitamin D home fortification- don't wait 100 years for your govt

Unaware of any country on Earth where home fortification is illegal

One vitamin D supplier is looking into home fortification (as of June 2014)

A water-soluble packet of 400,000 IU of vitamin D might be added to various food stuffs: 

salt, sugar, fruit juice, jams, syrup, flour (wheat, rice, soy, . . ), vegetable oils, spices, egg replacer (64 eggs/package), ghee, etc
  Sales price for a single packet might be $1 for 4 man-months @ 3,500 IU per person

Several billion people on the globe do not take vitamin D because of one or more of the following reasons

  1. Not afford it
    (even people just earning $1/day can afford $1 for 4 man-months of supplementation)
  2. Not remember/ or be bothered to take it regularly
  3. Uncomfortable or unable to swallow a capsule
    (especially true for the young and the very old)
    A capsule/packet with 10 mg of Vitamin D would solve all of those reasons

The powder would provide

  • 4 months of vitamin D for a single adult,
  • 1 month of vitamin D for 4 adults
  • 1 month of vitamin D for 2 adults and 4 adolescents (based on weight)
  • etc.

Note: a bottle of 12 packets taken in a single day, should not toxic

Note: A toxic reaction is NOT the same as deadly reaction
      A toxic reaction to vitamin D is treated by just stopping taking the vitamin D
      - the body clears out the excess vitamin D naturally over a period of weeks.
   Is there ANY food/drink which would not be toxic/deadly if you take 1,000 the daily amount? (5 million IU vs 4,000 IU)
   4,000 liters of water, 100 bottles of wine, 2 million calories of food, 1 kilogram of vitamin C, 500 aspirin tablets,

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See also web

  • FDA 2012 policies on food fortification attached at the bottom of this page
  • List of vegetable oils Wikipedia
    Coconut, Corn, Cottonseed, Olive, Palm, Peanut, Rapeseed/Canola, Safflower, Sesame, Soybean, Sunflower
    Note some oils are much better than others to take with vitamin D
  • Fortification Overview Project Health Children
    The Copenhagen Consensus estimates that every $1 spent on fortification results in $9 in benefits to the economy.


  • Global Food Fortification May 2014 - some failures mentioned in abstract
    In Jordan, fortified wheat flour delivers sufficient iron to improve status in children but not in women, while vitamin A may behave in the inverse order.
    In Chile, wheat flour provides folic acid amounts equivalent to 400-μg folic acid per day to women of child-bearing age and therefore it explains the reduction of neural tube defects, but this practice places the population at large at risk of excessive intakes
  • Home fortification Technical Advisory Group
  • Multiple micronutrient powders - WHO 2011 attached at the bottom of this page

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Vitamin D home fortification- don't wait 100 years for your govt        
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