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  1. WHO 2009 Calcium and Magnesium in water - 2009.pdf
  2. Magnesium including why a deficiency - 1987.pdf
  3. Nutrient deficiency in Americans - Sept 2011.pdf
  4. Jarrow Bone Up
  5. Vitamin D and Magnesium
  6. Not enough Magnesium and Vitamin D muscle cramp
  7. magnesium metabolism - 2009
  8. vitamin D and magnesium - 1976
  9. 100 mg more Magnesium in water associated with 8 percent reduction in stroke – Feb 2012
  10. 20 percent fewer male hip fractures if more Magnesium in the water – July 2013
  11. 400 IU of vitamin D Magnesium and Calcium helped Twin bones – Feb 2011
  12. A balanced diet is no longer enough – supplements needed - VitaminDWiki Oct 2012
  13. Ablation does not reduce atrial fibrillation (CABANA study) but Magnesium does – June 2018
  14. Acid Reflux drugs decrease Vitamin D and Magnesium – Jan 2013
  15. Acute Migraine 35 times more likely if low Magnesium levels – May 2016
  16. Adding just vitamin D again failed to add bone density (also need Magnesium, Vitamin K, etc) – RCT Aug 2018
  17. All-cause mortality is related to low Magnesium, rather than low Vitamin D – April 2015
  18. Animals get more Magnesium than human RDA, and not as a single serving
  19. Anti-aging Effect of Magnesium on Telomeres (in rats) - Mar 2014
  20. Asthma severe when both Vitamin D AND Magnesium are low – Oct 2016
  21. Atrial Fibrillation - remineralize your heart - Aug 2015
  22. Autistic children have lower levels of Iron, Vitamin D, Magnesium, etc – Oct 2017
  23. Bath with Magnesium Chloride probably better than Epsom Salts
  24. Behavior disorders reduced with Magnesium, Omega-3, and Zinc
  25. Bone fractures occurred twice as often if low Magnesium – April 2017
  26. Bones grow better with high level of magnesium: rat study – Dec 2013
  27. Breast cancer associated with high Calcium AND low vitamin D - April 2015
  28. Bulk supplementation of Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc, B-12, K2, Boron etc. - lower cost and easier than pills
  29. Calcium 2X of Magnesium seems good – China Feb 2013
  30. Calcium in food increased much more than Magnesium in recent decades April 2010
  31. Cardiometaboic problems decreased with increased Vitamin D, unless low Magnesium – Aug 2017
  32. Cardiovascular calcification prevented by Omega-3, Magnesium, Vitamin K, and Vitamin D – April 2015
  33. Cluster headaches substantially reduced by 10,000 IU of Vitamin D in 80 percent of people
  34. Colon cancer 25 percent less likely if consume Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, etc.– Nov 2018
  35. Colorectal Cancer risk increases 1.6 X if high Calcium, low Magnesium and a poor gene – Sept 2007
  36. Constipation - Magnesium, Calcium and cofactors
  37. Correcting magnesium deficiencies may prolong life – Space Station Feb 2012
  38. COVID-19 might be treated with Mg IV and Potassium – July 2020
  39. Curing Polio with Magnesium - May 2019
  40. Daily Magnesium improved all aspects of metabolic profile – RCT July 2014
  41. Death after Breast Cancer 2 times less likely if take lots of Magnesium – Dec 2015
  42. Death from Coronary Heart Disease related to low Magnesium intake – March 2013
  43. Decrease Calcium and Increase Magnesium when increasing vitamin D
  44. Deficiencies of Vitamin D, Iron, Magnesium, and Zinc all associated with ADHD – Sept 2014
  45. Dementia less likely with increased levels of Magnesium etc.

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