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Animals get more Magnesium than human RDA, and not as a single serving

  • Water
  • Food
  • Magnesium
    The intestines just cannot process it all at once.
    In animals, as well as humans, the daily amount of Magnesium all at once causes diarrhea.

Adjusted for an animal (human) weighing 200 lbs the amount of Magnesium needed is

  • 2600 mg – horse
  • 1000 mg – beef cattle
  • 3000 mg – dairy cattle
  • 800 mg – monkey

Horses Merck Manual

Horse: 13 mg/kg body wt/day 200 lb horse/human = 2,600 mg/day

Mineral Supplements for Beef Cattle University of Missouri Extension

Cattle need about 0.04 to 0.1 % magnesium in the dry matter of their ration. (assuming lots in the feed)
Assuming a human eats 1 kg of food per day 0.1% would be 1000 mg of Magnesium element

Mineral and Vitamin Nutrition of Dairy Cattle Nebraska

0.2 – 0.25% of dry food – about 3X of Beef cattle

Nutrition in Primates Merick

0.08% of dry feed ==> 800 mg of Magnesium for a 200 lb human

[*Cat Food Standards by the AAFCO - 2008

0.04% dry feed ==> 400 mg of Magnesium for a 200 lb human

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