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Bath with Magnesium Chloride probably better than Epsom Salts

Found lots of opinions and statements but unable to quickly find any good data - Jan 2019

Myth or Reality-Transdermal Magnesium? – July 2017
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In Feb 2019 I purchased Oraganix Magnesium Salt Bath Flakes 8 lb, $15 Amazon

  • "Magnesium Chloride is better absorbed than its counterpart Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate)"
  • "Dissolve 1-3 cups of the magnesium flakes into a warm footbath or full tub bath, and soak for 30 minutes or longer.
  • ".Temperature of the water should be warm, but not hot. Hot water causes the skin to eliminate rather than absorb"

Note: Both baths and IV are not restricted by gut limitations
Intravenous (IV) Magnesium 2,000 mg - up to 8,000 mg – much faster than oral
Apparently MgCl is preferred over Mg Sulfate

Note: DMSO appears to greatly increase transdermal magnesium
Again, no data

Magnesium and Vitamin D contains the following summary

354 items in category, see also

Mg and Vitamin D

Dr. Dean

Number of studies in both of the categories of Magnesium and:

Bone 16,  Cardiovascular 17,   Diabetes 28. Depression 14,  Obesity 11,   Omega-3 36,  Zinc 24,  Pregnancy 11,  Headache 11,   Virus 26,   Calcium 27   Virus 26   Mortality 9   Hypertension 12   Inflammation 3   Pain 7 etc.

Overview Magnesium and vitamin D Has a s venn diagram of relationship of Mg and Vit D

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