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  1. Acute Coronary Syndrome is associated with poor Vitamin D genes (CYP27B1, CYP24A1) – Nov 2019
  2. ALS associated with poor CYP27B1 gene (not seen by Vitamin D blood test) – May 2019
  3. Body may change gene activation if more Vitamin D is needed by tissue (Schiz. in this case) – Oct 2018
  4. Brain cells can probably activate Vitamin D without liver or kidney (at least in rats) – Sept 2017
  5. Brain may deal with all forms of Vitamin D (rat brain) – Sept 2017
  6. Breasts process Vitamin D and change gene activation, might prevent breast cancer if given more Vit. D – July 2021
  7. Cancer treatment by Vitamin D sometimes is restricted by genes – Oct 2018
  8. Colon cancer 30 percent more likely if problems with Vitamin D genes CYP24A1 or CYP27B1 – Nov 2015
  9. CYP27B1
  10. CYP27B1 gene decreases kidney production of active vitamin D – Feb 2013
  11. Does survival of the less fit mean less health
  12. Eye vitamin D may not be associated with blood VitD, but is associated with CYP27B1 and CYP24A1 – Nov 2019
  13. Gene mutations which restrict Vitamin D activation (CYP27B1) results in many health problems – March 2020
  14. Genes such as CYP27B1, CYP24A1 and Vitamin D – JAMA Nov 2012
  15. Genes which regulate active vitamin D worsen with age – Oct 2016
  16. Glucocorticoid treatment reduces Vitamin D getting to cells via 3 or 4 genes
  17. Increased risk of various cancers if poor vitamin D genes (Binding Protein and CYP27B1) - Sept 2019
  18. Infant and child immunity depends on Vitamin D and two Vitamin D genes – Review April 2020
  19. Lung cancer – reduced deaths if have a good vitamin D gene (CYP27B1) – Feb 2015
  20. Lungs with cystic fibrosis fail to activate vitamin D (poor CYP27B) – Feb 2016
  21. Miscarriage 70 percent more likely if low vitamin D (see also data on CYP27B1) – May 2016
  22. Miscarriages strongly associated with poor placental, decidua gene which locally activates Vitamin D – Dec 2016
  23. Mucosal membranes (mouth, lungs, nose, intestines, etc) can activate Vitamin D – July 2020
  24. Mutation of Vitamin D gene (CYP27B1) is strongly tied to MS – Dec 2011
  25. Parathyroid increase with age associated with worsening Vitamin D genes – April 2020
  26. Prostate Cancer – Vitamin D – CYP27B1 – CYP24 – June 2011
  27. Review of 11 Vitamin D genes – Nov 2017
  28. SARS-CoV-2 virus alters the activation of over 100 vitamin D related genes in the lung – April 2021
  29. UVB effects on genes of those with and without Psoriasis – April 2014
  30. UVB increases vitamin D even if poor kidney by changing CYP27B1 genes in skin – Dec 2013
  31. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with 35 genes, only 7 of are commercially tested – Nov 2019
  32. Vitamin D gene expression varies with Epileptic age – March 2018
  33. Vitamin D genes and UVB vary massively across the Eastern Hemisphere – March 2020
  34. Vitamin D genes are important, update – Sept 2020
  35. Vitamin D in the blood encounters many restrictions in getting to the cells – Sept 2020
  36. Vitamin D levels are strongly associated with genes: overview of twin studies – Nov 2012
  37. Vitamin D levels in cells, not blood, is important (follicular fluid in this case) – Aug 2021
  38. Vitamin D may be a magic bullet for the cells (not based on Vitamin D blood tests) – Jan 2020

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