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Better handgrip strength if some good vitamin D genes (or if supplement) – April 2022

Lifetime serum concentration of 25-hydroxyvitamin D 25(OH) is associated with hand grip strengths: insight from a Mendelian randomisation

Age Ageing. 2022 Apr 1;51(4):afac079. doi: 10.1093/ageing/afac079. PDF is behind a $52 paywall
Mohsen Mazidi 1, Ian G Davies 2, Peter Penson 3, Toni Rikkonen 4, Masoud Isanejad 4

Clinical trials have suggested that increased 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) has positive effect on hand grip strength. This Mendelian randomisation (MR) was implemented using summary-level data from the largest genome-wide association studies on vitamin D (n = 73,699) and hand grip strength. Inverse variance weighted method (IVW) was used to estimate the causal estimates. Weighted median (WM)-based method, MR-Egger and leave-one-out were applied as sensitivity analysis. Results showed that genetically higher-serum 25(OH)D levels had a positive effect on both right hand grip (IVW = Beta: 0.038, P = 0.030) and left hand grip (IVW = Beta: 0.034, P = 0.036). There was a low likelihood (statistically insignificant) of heterogeneity and pleiotropy, and the observed associations were not driven by single single-nucleotide polymorphisms. Furthermore, MR pleiotropy residual sum and outlier did not highlight any outliers. In conclusion, our results highlighted the causal and beneficial effect of serum 25(OH) D on right- and left-hand grip strengths.

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VitaminDWiki - Some diseases reduce vitamin D getting to blood or cells

Some diseases restrict vitamin D by changing gene activation,
   by one or more of the following

  • Restrict conversion of light into vitamin D in the skin
  • Restrict oral absorption in the gut
  • Restrict semi-activation in the liver
  • Restrict free semi-activated vitamin D from getting to the kidneys
  • Restrict full activation in the kidneys
  • Restrict semi and fully activation in the cells
  • Restrict activated Vitamin D from entering cell mitochondria (VDR)
  • Destroy the vitamin D before it gets to the cells

Some diseases restrict vitamin D without changing genes

  • The disease just uses/consumes the vitamin D
  • The disease upsets the gut, which reduces bioavailability of oral form
    • unless a gut-friendly form is used


Mendelian randomisation probably ignores those Vitamin D genes that change levels in the cells

Genes such as: VDBP, CYP27B1, CYP1A4, CPY24A1, and the Vitamin D Receptor
Blood Test Misses a lot (VDW 3439)
click here for details

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