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Increased risk of various cancers if poor vitamin D genes (Binding Protein and CYP27B1) - Sept 2019

Association of the vitamin D metabolism gene GC and CYP27B1 polymorphisms with cancer susceptibility: a meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis

Bioscience Reports Aug 29, 2019 DOI: 10.1042/BSR20190368
Man Zhu, Zheqiong Tan, Zhenzhao Luo, Hui Hu, Tangwei Wu, Shiqiang Fang, Hui Wang, Zhongxin LuB


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Vitamin D blood test misses a lot
in Visio for 2023

  • Vitamin D from coming from tissues (vs blood) was speculated to be 50% in 2014, and by 2017 was speculated to be 90%
  • Note: Good blood test results (> 40 ng) does not mean that a good amount of Vitamin D actually gets to cells
  • A Vitamin D test in cells rather than blood was feasible (2017 personal communication)   Commercially available 2019
    • However, test results would vary in each tissue due to multiple genes
  • Good clues that Vitamin D is being restricted from getting to the cells
    1) A vitamin D-related health problem runs in the family
        especially if it is one of 51+ diseases related to Vitamin D Receptor
    2) Slightly increasing Vitamin D shows benefits (even if conventional Vitamin D test shows an increase)
    3) DNA and VDR tests - 120 to 200 dollars $100 to $250
    4) PTH bottoms out ( shows that parathyroid cells are getting Vitamin d)
       Genes are good, have enough Magnesium, etc.
    5) Back Pain
       probably want at least 2 clues before taking adding vitamin D, Omega-3, Magnesium, Resveratrol, etc
      • The founder of VitaminDWiki took action with clues #3&5

Vitamin D Binding Protein category listing has 177 items and the following introduction__

Vitamin D Binding Protein (GC) gene can decrease the bio-available Vitamin D that can get to cells,

  • GC is not the only such gene - there are 3 others, all invisible to standard Vitamin D tests
  • The bio-available calculation does not notice the effect of GC, CYP27B1, CYP24A1, and VDR
  • The actual D getting to the cells is a function of measured D and all 4 genes
  • There is >2X increase in 8+ health problems if have poor VDBP (GC)
  • It appears that VDBP only blocks oral vitamin D,

Items in both categories Vitamin D Binding Protein and Breast Cancer are listed here:

Items in both categories Vitamin D Binding Protein and Other Cancer are listed here:

Note: This study did not investigate many other genes which also restrict D from getting to the cells

Additional information on Genes in VitaminDWiki

Gene# of pages Location
CYP27A1449 (Sept 2019) Liver
*CYP2R1826 (Sept 2019)Liver & Tissue
CYP27B11430   (Sept 2019) Kidney & Tissue
CYP24A128 in title - May 2022] excrete excess

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Nowadays, vitamin D is known to have functions beyond bone formation, including inhibiting angiogenesis and promoting tumor apoptosis. CYP27B1 and group-specific component (GC), the main enzyme responsible for the degradation and transport of active vitamin D, play important role in many cancer related cellular processes. Relationships between CYP27B1 and GC polymorphisms and cancer susceptibility have been widely investigated, whereas the results are inconsistent. We strictly searched on EMBASE, PubMed, Web of Science, Wan Fang and CNKI electronic databases for relevant studies exploring the associations of GC (rs4588 and rs7041) and CYP27B1 (rs4646537, rs3782130) polymorphisms with cancer risks according to search strategy. Thirty-two studies published in thirteen articles involving 15,713 cases and 17,304 controls were included.
Our analyses suggested that rs4588 and rs7041 polymorphisms were significantly associated with overall cancer risk. Stratification analyses of ethnicity indicated that rs4588 polymorphism significantly increased cancer risk in Caucasians and Asians, while rs7041 polymorphism significantly increased cancer risk in Asians. When studies were stratified by cancer type, our results indicated that rs4588 significantly increased the risk of breast cancer and digestive system tumor, but not in prostate cancer and non-small cell lung cancer, while rs7041 significantly increased the risk of non-small cell lung cancer. Above associations were noteworthy findings as evaluated by false-positive report probabilities (FPRP). There were no associations of rs4646537 and rs3782130 with overall cancer risks. Associations between CYP27B1 and GC polymorphisms and cancer risks were examined, and additional large samples are necessary to validate our results.

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