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  1. Cognitive decline not helped by daily vitamin D getting to just 30 ng – RCT July 2019
  2. Gestational Diabetes – increased risk if poor Vitamin D Receptor – Meta-Analysis Jan 2021
  3. Endometriosis treated, and perhaps prevented, by vitamin D
  4. Risk of enveloped virus infection is increased 50 percent if poor Vitamin D Receptor - meta-analysis Dec 2018
  5. Natural Ways to Increase Calcitriol and Activate The Vitamin D Receptor Gene – Oct 2017
  6. COVID-19 lung infection upsets Vitamin D genes (so more or different form of Vit D is required) - Dec 22, 2020
  7. Colon cancer risk increases 30X if you have the worst vitamin D receptor mutation – Jan 2021
  8. Oral Cancers - increased risk if low vitamin D or poor vitamin D genes
  9. Intense exercise increases vitamin D reception activation
  10. 1.8 X more likely to have additional Dental Implant Failure if poor Vitamin D Receptor – Dec 2019
  11. 10 percent of colon cancer linked to Vitamin D Receptor – meta-analysis April 2012
  12. 10 reasons why seniors need more vitamin D
  13. 2,776 vitamin D receptor binding sites - April 2014
  14. 2.8X higher risk of osteoporosis if COPD and modified vitamin D receptor genes – Sept 2015
  15. 229 Genes related to vitamin D - Aug 2010
  16. 2X higher risk of wheezing and asthma if modified receptor genes, even if vitamin D levels OK – Sept 2015
  17. 2X less prostate cancer in A-A with low Calcium is due vitamin D receptor gene – July 2013
  18. 2X more likely to survive a form of esophageal cancer in China if have good vitamin D receptor – Feb 2017
  19. 2X more Parkinson's disease if modified vitamin D receptor genes – meta-analysis Aug 2014
  20. 2X more Thyroid Cancer malignancy if less than 15 ng of vitamin D – June 2012
  21. 4X less of one chemo needed after vitamin D receptor activation - June 2020
  22. 8 ways that Cancer might be prevented by Vitamin D - June 2019
  23. A good Vitamin D Receptor (or perhaps more vitamin D) protects against lead during pregnancy
  24. Active Lupus associated with 3.8 X less activated Vitamin D Receptor – May 2019
  25. Active Vitamin D reduces Ovarian Cancer stem cells growth by 4X (via Vitamin D receptor in lab rat) – March 2018
  26. Adaptive and innate immune system, vitamin D genes, and Rheumatoid Arthritis – June 2019
  27. ADHD associated with both low vitamin D and poor Vitamin D receptor – May 2018
  28. Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis 2 X more likely in Asians with poor Vitamin D Receptor
  29. Advanced Colon Cancer risk is doubled or halved with 1000 IU of Vitamin D, depends on Vitamin D Receptors – RCT May 2017
  30. After breast cancer treatment 4,000 IU of Vitamin D was not enough to help if have poor Vitamin D receptor – June 2019
  31. Aggressive Prostate Cancer in blacks with low vitamin D – 7X more likely if added Calcium – Jan 2017
  32. Aging leads to a decrease of vitamin D getting to cells – Sept 2017
  33. AI is examining 170,000 potential COVID-19 treatments, Vitamin D is one of only 6 found – Sept 4, 2020
  34. Alzheimer’s (1.2X) and Parkenson’s (1.3X) more likely if poor Vitamin D Receptor – meta-analysis March 2019
  35. Alzheimer’s associated with Vitamin D and Vitamin D receptor – video and pdf – Aug 2018
  36. Alzheimer’s Disease is associated with genes which restrict vitamin D – Aug 2015
  37. Alzheimer’s is associated with all 7 of the genes which restrict vitamin D from getting to tissues – Sept 2018
  38. Alzheimer’s patients 3X more likely to have a malfunctioning vitamin D receptor gene – 2012
  39. Alzheimer’s patients are genetically 70 percent more likely to be vitamin D in-efficient – Feb 2012
  40. Arthritis runs in Pakistani families (Vitamin D Receptor) – March 2019
  41. Asthma 3.7X higher risk of poor Vitamin D Receptor (teens in Taiwan in this case) – Nov 2019
  42. Asthma is 20 percent more likely with a poor Vitamin D Receptor gene – meta-analysis Oct 2019
  43. Asthmatic children 5X more likely to have a poor Vitamin D Receptor – June 2019
  44. Autism 2X more likely with Vitamin D Receptor problems – many studies
  45. Autism 2X to 3X more likely if poor Vitamin D Receptor – June 2020
  46. Autoimmune disease treated by Vitamin D, Zinc (and other activators of Vitamin D Receptor) – Oct 2019
  47. Autoimmunity problems often associated with poor Vitamin D Receptors – March 2019
  48. Benefits of Vitamin D often limited by genes

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