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100 years since the discovery of Vitamin D - 23 studies - 2022, 2023

Carsten Carlberg A Pleiotropic Nuclear Hormone Labelled Hundred Years Ago Vitamin D
Michael F. Holick The One-Hundred-Year Anniversary of the Discovery of the Sunshine Vitamin D3: Historical, Personal Experience and Evidence-Based Perspectives
Carsten Carlberg Vitamin D in the Context of Evolution
Shahid Hussain, Clayton Yates and Moray J. Campbell Vitamin D and Systems Biology
Carsten Carlberg Vitamin D and Its Target Genes
Natacha Rochel Vitamin D and Its Receptor from a Structural Perspective
Miguel A. Maestro and Samuel Seoane The Centennial Collection of VDR Ligands:Metabolites, Analogs, Hybrids and Non-Secosteroidal Ligands
Michal A. Zmijewski Nongenomic Activities of Vitamin D
James C. Fleet Vitamin D-Mediated Regulation of Intestinal Calcium Absorption
Rene St-Arnaud, Alice Arabian, Dila Kavame, Martin Kaufmann and Glenville Jones Vitamin D and Diseases of Mineral Homeostasis: A Cyp24a1 R396W Humanized Preclinical Model of Infantile Hypercalcemia Type 1
Marjolein van Driel and Johannes P. T. M. van Leeuwen Vitamin D and Bone: A Story of Endocrine and Auto/Paracrine Action in Osteoblasts
Nejla Latic and Reinhold G. Erben Interaction of Vitamin D with Peptide Hormones with Emphasis on Parathyroid Hormone, FGF23, and the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System
Guillaume T. Duval, Anne-Marie Schott, Dolores Sanchez-Rodriguez, Francois R. Herrmann and Cedric Annweiler Month-of-Birth Effect on Muscle Mass and Strength in Community-Dwelling Older Women: The French EPIDOS Cohort
Shariq Qayyum, Radomir M. Slominski, Chander Raman and Andrzej T. Slominski Novel CYP11A1-Derived Vitamin D and Lumisterol Biometabolites for the Management of COVID-19
Juhi Arora, Devanshi R. Patel, McKayla J. Nicol, Cassandra J. Field, Katherine H. Restori, Jinpeng Wang, Nicole E. Froelich, et al. Vitamin D and the Ability to Produce 1,25(OH)2D Are Critical for Protection from Viral Infection of the Lungs
Hadeil M. Alsufiani, Shareefa A. AlGhamdi, Huda F. AlShaibi, Sawsan O. Khoja, Safa F. Saif and Carsten Carlberg A Single Vitamin D3 Bolus Supplementation Improves Vitamin D Status and Reduces Proinflammatory Cytokines in Healthy Females
Alberto Munoz and William B. Grant Vitamin D and Cancer: An Historical Overview of the Epidemiology and Mechanisms
Karina Piatek, Martin Schepelmann and Eniko Kallay The Effect of Vitamin D and Its Analogs in Ovarian Cancer
Ewa Marcinkowska Xiaoying Cui and Darryl W. Eyles Vitamin D and the Central Nervous System: Causative and Preventative Mechanisms in Brain Disorders
William B. Grant, Barbara J. Boucher, Fatme Al Anouti and Stefan Pilz Comparing the Evidence from Observational Studies and Randomized Controlled Trials for Nonskeletal Health Effects of Vitamin D
Elina Hypponen, Karani S. Vimaleswaran and Ang Zhou Genetic Determinants of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Concentrations and Their Relevance to Public Health

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