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Each use of Remdesivir generates thousands of dollars of bonuses to US hospitals – Nov 2022

Are U.S. Hospitals Really Paid Bonuses to Use Remdesivir?

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U.S. hospitals get bonuses if they use any of the following
Convalescent plasma (EUA on August 23, 2020)
Remdesivir (approved October 22, 2020; approved for children and babies on April 25, 2022)
Baricitinib (EUA on November 19, 2020, later amended December 20, 2021)
Molnupiravir (EUA on December 22, 2021)
Paxlovid (EUA on December 23, 2021, revised on July 6, 2022, to allow pharmacists to prescribe the treatment)
Get bonus if use any of the above if COVID is just suspected

One of many examples: Bonus of $19,500 when remdesivir that cost the hospital $3,120 was used

40 early COVID treatments (bonuses given for ones in red)


Only 6 early treatments costing <$20 that have >3 trials


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November 2022 https://c19early.org/

Is there any way hospitals can be paid to treat COVID with Vitamin D?

Note: Cost to save 1 life: Vitamin D $11, Remdesivir $208,000

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