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COVID in hospital stopped by Vitamin D Receptor activators (curcumin, quercetin) – RCT June 2023

NASAFYTOL® supplementation in adults hospitalized with COVID-19 infection: results from an exploratory open-label randomized controlled trial

Front. Nutr. 10:1137407. doi: 10.3389/fnut.2023.1137407
Jean Gérain1, Melanie Uebelhoer2*, Bérénice Costes2, Julie Herman2, Sandra Pietri2, Anne-Françoise Donneau3, Justine Monseur3 and Yves Henrotin2 Belgium

25 people got Curcumin (42 mg), Quercetin (65 mg), Vitamin D (90 IU) daily

Objectives: The effect and safety of Nasafytol®, a food supplement combining curcumin, quercetin, and Vitamin D, on hospitalized COVID-19-positive patients as support to standard of care were to be assessed.

Methods: This exploratory, open-label, randomized, controlled trial was carried out among hospitalized adults with COVID-19 infection. Participants were randomly assigned to receive Nasafytol® or Fultium® control. The improvement of the clinical condition and occurrence of (serious) adverse events were evaluated. The study was registered on clincaltrials.gov with the identifier NCT04844658.

Results: Twenty-five patients received Nasafytol®, and 24 received Fultium®. Demographic characteristics were well balanced between the groups. On day 14 (or at hospital leave if <14days), no difference was observed between groups regarding their clinical condition, fever, or the need of oxygen therapy.
At day 7, however,

  • 19 participants had been discharged from the hospital in the Nasafytol® arm compared to
  • 10 participants in the Fultium® arm.

  • No participants were transferred to the ICU or died in the Nasafytol® arm, vs.
  • 4 transfers and 1 death in the Fultium® arm.

The clinical condition of participants in the Nasafytol® arm had improved, as evidenced by a decrease in the COVID-19 WHO score. Interestingly, five SAEs occurred with Fultium®, while no SAE was observed with Nasafytol®.

Conclusion: Supplementation with Nasafytol®, in addition to standard-of-care treatment, led to a faster discharge from the hospital, improved clinical conditions of participants, and a reduced risk of serious outcomes, including transfer to the intensive care unit or death, in patients hospitalized with COVID-19.
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VitaminDWiki - 35 studies in both categories Virus and Vitamin D Receptor

Note: COVID protects itself by deactivating the VDR, thus stopping Vitamin D from getting to cells

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40+ VitaminDWiki VIRUS category studies have RCT in their title

Note: COVID proven to be stopped by Vitamin D, VDR, UVB (makes D), Omega-3, Probiotics, etc.

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Items found: 41
Title Modified
COVID deaths cut in half by a single dose of 600,000 IU of Vitamin D - RCT Jan 2024 31 Jan, 2024
COVID fought by Vitamin D: OBSERVATIONS: YES, RCTs: NO - Dec 2023 15 Jan, 2024
COVID in hospital stopped by Vitamin D Receptor activators (curcumin, quercetin) – RCT June 2023 25 Jun, 2023
COVID 3X less likely if Xyilotol nasal spray 3X per day – RCT Dec 2022 24 Feb, 2023
COVID recovery 1.6X faster after 200,000 IU of Vitamin D RCT – Feb 2023 22 Feb, 2023
Long-COVID fatigue reduced by Vitamin C and l-Arginine in one month– RCT Nov 2022 24 Nov, 2022
Influenza infection 5X less likely if got vitamin D – small RCT Feb 2022 23 Oct, 2022
COVID in hospital fought by Vitamin D (25,000 IU daily for 4 days, then 25K weekly) - RCT – July 2022 02 Oct, 2022
Small Vitamin D doses for a short time never help (not improve vaccination in this case) – RCT Sept 2022 24 Sep, 2022
The challenges of a Vitamin D RCT – too many already taking it, etc. – Martineau Sept 2022 13 Sep, 2022
Risk of COVID not reduced by 3,200 IU of vitamin D during 6 months (no surprise) – RCT March 2022 09 Sep, 2022
Early COVID treatments rarely work 7 days after symptoms, this trial gave Vitamin D on 7th day – RCT May 2022 26 Jul, 2022
COVID children helped by Vitamin D, trial terminated: unethical to not give Vitamin D to all: – RCT July 2022 25 Jul, 2022
4X less likely to get COVID following 4,000 IU daily for a month – RCT April 2022 12 Jun, 2022
COVID hospital deaths reduced 2X by 8 days of UVB – pilot RCT May 2022 05 Jun, 2022
400,000 IU of vitamin D 3 days after COVID symptoms reduced 14 day mortality by 3X – Annweiler RCT May 2022 02 Jun, 2022
Loading dose of Vitamin D for patients hospitalized with COVID (140,000 IU) – RCT completed 2021 22 May, 2022
21 fewer days in hospital with ARDS (COVID) if 10,000 IU of Vitamin D daily after enter hospital – RCT April, 2022 18 Apr, 2022
Influenza vaccine antibodies not change with Vitamin D – 21 ng or 44 ng – RCT Feb 2019 22 Mar, 2022
Group achieving 30 ng (vs 26 ng) were 2X less likely to get COVID symptoms - RCT Jan 2022 31 Jan, 2022
Nutritional supplementation during COVID hospitalization helped - RCT - Jan 2022 30 Jan, 2022
Tested positive for COVID, taking probiotics stopped symptoms 5 days sooner - RCT Jan 2022 18 Jan, 2022
Nursing home vaccinated against Influenza, 800 IU of vitamin D daily cut infection rate in half – small RCT Oct 2021 04 Nov, 2021
COVID-19 appears reduced by Resveratrol plus 100K IU of vitamin D – Small RCT Sept 2021 27 Sep, 2021
COVID-19 defeated 3x faster by 420,000 IU Vitamin D nanoemulsion – RCT Nov 12, 2020 21 Sep, 2021
Vitamin D not help 10 days after COVID-19 symptoms - RCT March 2021 18 Sep, 2021
COVID-19 outpatients getting Quercetin nanoemulsion had excellent outcomes (Q increased Vitamin D in cells) – RCT – June 2021 30 Jul, 2021
5,000 U daily raised Vitamin D a bit and helped COVID-19 a bit – RCT June 2021 14 Jul, 2021
COVID-19 inflammation extinguished by 60,000 IU of vitamin D nanoemulsion daily for a week – RCT May 2021 22 May, 2021
COVID-19 ICU survival rate increased 7X by daily Omega-3 – RCT March 2021 18 Apr, 2021
Half the risk of Influenza -A in infants taking 1200 IU of vitamin D for 4 months – RCT Jan 2018 19 Mar, 2021
5X less likely to enter ICU with COVID-19 if get Calcifediol (semi-activated vitamin D) - RCT Feb 19, 2021 13 Feb, 2021
Severe COVID-19 not fought by vitamin D when given too late - RCT Nov 18, 2020 22 Nov, 2020
COVID-19 defeated by calcifediol form of Vitamin D in Spain - pilot RCT Aug 29, 2020 22 Nov, 2020
Swine flu not prevented by 2,000 IU of vitamin D daily (the upper limit at the time) – RCT 2014 30 Aug, 2020
Global Push for RCTs in COVID-19 - April 4, 2020 07 Apr, 2020
Vaccine antibody generation not change with Vitamin D – 21 ng or 44ng – RCT Feb 2019 08 Jan, 2020
Dengue virus prevented by a small amount of Vitamin D – RCT Nov 2019 26 Nov, 2019
Respiratory Virus risk reduced 35 percent by Vitamin D (14,000 IU weekly) – RCT Oct 2018 18 Oct, 2018
Influenza reduced by 1.7 with 1200 IU D3, also reduced related asthma by 6X – RCT May 2010 10 Jan, 2018
Influenza A: 5X reduction in first month (only) with 2,000 IU of vitamin D– RCT July 2014 14 Jul, 2014

VitaminDWiki – COVID-19 treated by Vitamin D - studies, reports, videos

As of Jan 31, 2024, the VitaminDWiki COVID page had:  19+ trial results,   37+ meta-analyses and reviews,   Mortality studies   see related:   Governments,   HealthProblems,   Hospitals,  Dark Skins,   All 26 COVID risk factors are associated with low Vit D,   Fight COVID-19 with 50K Vit D weekly   Vaccines   Take lots of Vitamin D at first signs of COVID   166 COVID Clinical Trials using Vitamin D (Aug 2023)   Prevent a COVID death: 9 dollars of Vitamin D or 900,000 dollars of vaccine - Aug 2023
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VitaminDWiki – 26 health factors increase the risk of COVID-19 – all are proxies for low vitamin D includes

CDC: Confirms Low Vitamin D
VitaminDWiki and other
Cancer VitaminDWiki 7X
Chronic kidney diseaseVitaminDWiki
COPD & other lung problemsPneumonia - VDW
Lung Death 4X
Down Syndrome VitaminDWiki - deficiency
Heart conditionsVitaminDWiki
Immunocompromised stateVitamin D helps organ transplant - many studies
Cancer - After diagnosis
Obesity Overview Obesity and Vitamin D
PregnancyOverview Pregnancy and vitamin D
Sickle cell diseaseOverview Sickle Cell and Vitamin D
Smoking Smoking reduces vitamin D - many studies
Diabetes T2VitaminDWiki
CDC: Might be factors
Asthma Overview Asthma and Vitamin D
Cerebrovascular disease Cardiovascular   Stroke
Cystic fibrosisCystic Fibrosis
Hypertension VitaminDWiki
ACE inhibitors VitaminDWiki 4X
Neurologic conditions,
such as dementia
Overview Alzheimer's-Cognition and Vitamin D
Liver diseaseOverview Liver and vitamin D
Pulmonary fibrosisPulmonary Fibrosis
Thalassemia VitaminDWiki - deficiency
Diabetes T1 T1 Diabetes
CDC: Still fails to mention
AgeOverview Seniors and Vitamin D
Nursing HomesNursing homes and Vitamin D - many studies
Prisons Prisoners have low Vitamin D - many studies
Dark SkinVitaminDWiki
Vertebral Fracture VitaminDWiki
Shift workVitaminDWiki 2X
Mood disorders Note:
Low D ==> depression
1.5X increase in COVID-19 death
Concealing clothingVitaminDWiki 3.5X
Schizophrenia 3X mortalityVitaminDWiki Low D since birth

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Sometimes A health problem will cause a Vitamin D deficiency
Sometimes A Vitamin D deficiency will cause another health problem
AlwaysStop a vitamin D deficiency to avoid getting additional health problems

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