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COVID-19 treatment outside of hospital – Vitamin D, zinc, etc. – May 2021

Application of an evidence-based, out-patient treatment strategy for COVID-19: Multidisciplinary medical practice principles to prevent severe disease

Journal of the Neurological Sciences, https://doi.org/10.1016/jjns.2021.117463


VitaminDWiki is unaware of any of these mild treatments provided quick benefits
However, 200,000 IU of Vitamin D over the first 2 days does provide a benefit
Zinc and Vitamin C also provide benefits if given 5-10 times per day

Note: 10,000 IU of vitamin D appears to take 3 months to priovide a benefit to half of the population, so would only be useful for prevention, not treatment.

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Elliot M. Frohmana,, Nicole R. Villemarette-Pittmanb, Adriana Rodriguezc, Robert Glanzmand, Sarah Rugheimere, Oleg Komogortsevf, Scott S. Zamvilg, Roberto Alejandro Cruzhjl, Thomas C. Varkeyi, Ashley N. Frohmanj, Audrey R. Frohmanj, Matthew S. Parsonsk,m,
Emily Heckmann Konklej, Teresa C. Frohmana
a Laboratory Pro/essor Lawrence Steinrnan, Stan/ord Un/vers/fy School o/Medfcme, United States Of America
b Department of Neurology, LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America
c Department of Emergency Medicine, Cook Children's Medical Center, Ft. Worth, TX, United States of America
d Clene Nanomedicine, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT 84121, United States of America
e Department of Physics, University Oxford, Oxford OX1 3PU, UK
f Department of Computer Sciences, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX, United States of America
g Department of Neurology and Program in Immunology, University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, United States of America
h Department of Neurology, Doctor's Health at Renaissance Health Neurology Institute, United States of America
i Dell Medical School, University of Texas at Austin, United States of America
j The Frohman Foundation, Austin, TX, United States of America
k Division of Microbiology and Immunology, Yerkes National Primate Research Center, United States of America
1 Department of Neurology, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine, United States of America
m Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, United States of America

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated individuals, families, and institutions throughout the world. Despite the
breakneck speed of vaccine development, the human population remains at risk of further devastation. The
decision to not become vaccinated, the protracted rollout of available vaccine, vaccine failure, mutational forms
of the SARS virus, which may exhibit mounting resistance to our molecular strike at only one form of the viral
family, and the rapid ability of the virus(es) to hitch a ride on our global transportation systems, means that we
are will likely continue to confront an invisible, yet devastating foe. The enemy targets one of our human
physiology’s most important and vulnerable life-preserving body tissues, our broncho-alveolar gas exchange

Notwithstanding the fear and the fury of this microbe’s potential to raise existential questions across the entire
spectrum of human endeavor, the application of an early treatment intervention initiative may represent a
crucial tool in our defensive strategy. This strategy is driven by evidence-based medical practice principles, those
not likely to become antiquated, given the molecular diversity and mutational evolution of this very clever
“world traveler”

Immagination clipped from PDF

Imagine If we could treat patients with COVID-19 at the beginning, when most only have mild to moderate disease, thereby preventing severe disease.

Imagine If the treatment were based on evidenced-based medical principles and such a regimen were completely detailed right here for you, your family, and your healthcare provider.

Imagine If, while you are waiting to get vaccinated, those already infected could receive a simple treatment regimen along with education on how to administer it as an out patient at home, and education on when to contact their medical provider or go to the emergency department.

Imagine If this treatment were cheap, involved both over-the-counter therapies, and only a few prescriptions, and was administered over a 10-day course in most patients.

Imagine If the vast majority utilizing such a regimen would never advance to severe COVID-19, would NOT require hospitalization, and as such, would completely avoid ventilatory support, and death.

Imagine If the effectiveness of this treatment strategy produced similar protective effects across the age, gender, racial, and co-morbid condition demographic spectrum.

Imagine That we know the time to act and initiate treatment is at the time of COVID-19 diagnosis (pre-emption to avoid progression to severe disease), NOT wait for a favorable prognostic outcome that may never materialize, or until the patient is suffciently sick to warrant hospitalization (a reactive and much more dangerous strategy). Such delay to act early may be too late to avoid progression to severe COVID-19.

Imagine       That we have provided the details of a protocol assembled by our team of colleagues, and have already observed nearly uniform capability to rescue over 1000 patients at the time when their infection is early in the course. A time that represents our best chance to mitigate suffering, and more importantly, to prevent progression to severe disease and its associated ramifications, including death.

Imagine Now imagine if the entire world became aware of this early treatment regimen, and its ability to prevent progression to severe disease? This is NOT unimaginable. Rather, together we can do this; and do this NOW, and together we can lives.

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