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Out-of-pocket costs for COVID-19 hospitalization at least 1500 dollars – Sept 2021

The days of full covid coverage are over.
Insurers are restoring deductibles and co-pays, leaving patients with big bills.
Washington Post Sept 18

  • “There was no federal mandate for insurers to cover all the costs for covid treatment. Insurers were doing it voluntarily,” said Krutika Amin, a Kaiser Family Foundation associate director who researchers health insurance practices.
  • "Last year, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 88 percent of people covered by private insurance had their co-pays and deductibles for covid treatment waived. By August 2021, only 28 percent of the two largest plans in each state and D.C. still had the waivers in place, and another 10 percent planned to phase them out by the end of October, the Kaiser survey found. Its survey this year of employer-sponsored plans reflected similar patterns."
  • "“For some people, deductibles can be over $8,000 for a hospital stay,” Amin said. “It will really depend on what plan they have.”
  • "Nationally, covid hospitalizations under insurance contracts on average cost $29,000, or $156,000 for a patient with oxygen levels so low that they require a ventilator and ICU treatment, according to data gathered by the national independent nonprofit FAIR Health."

Most private insurers are no longer waiving cost-sharing for COVID-19 treatment Kaiser Foundation Aug 2021

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